LHRL Podcast Episode 12 with Thomas Cox/MealFit

I heard Thomas on the Barbell Shrugged podcast the other day, and immediately knew we had to talk to him. This guy is awesome!  Thomas has a lot of cool stuff going on, and we will definitely be talking to him again soon.  Here are a couple of his websites to check out:  http://www.mealfit.co and https://paleopluscheese.com/… Read More »

Memphis Made Me Do It….WRASSLIN

Chicago has Wrigley. New York has the Gardens. Green Bay has Lambeau and Houston had the dome. All great venues, none of which are lacking in stories of greatness, and tales of folklore, but let us not forget Memphis and the Coliseum within this fine city. If you are not from the area, then the… Read More »

Be Careful What You Wish For….

It’s the sweet smell of sin, which I believe makes my ears ring. It could have been the calling of the slots, the cutting of the cards, or the rolling of the dice, but the sin is what I like the most. It was the Hard Rock Casino playing floor in December of 2002 that… Read More »

That First Step’s A Tough One

I cannot imagine a deeper depression. The pain was so deep, but the depression so immense that I did not even have the energy to identify where the hurt originated. It was August of 2011 at this point, and the summer heat was brutal. I was maybe three weeks out of a drug and alcohol… Read More »

Pudgy, Sandy-Blonde Kid In A Speedo

  I couldn’t have been more than 9 years old. If my math is accurate, which it seldom is, that would make it around the summer of 1984. It was hotter than hell in Memphis, TN and I can remember the roads in our neighborhood had recently been paved. The heat coming off of the… Read More »

LHRL Podcast Episode 10 w/ Drew Womack

LHRL Podcast using the Google Hangouts On-Air format. We learn a little about Drew and his fitness regimen, as well as some obstacles he has to live with. We had a great time visiting and figuring out the new format. Thanks Drew Womack!! Next week we will begin going LIVE, where the audience can ask… Read More »

Crappy Golf & Von Learns To Walk Differently

Ok, so if you have something you need to do, then you should be doing it. However, if you have time to kill and are looking for a way to waste that time, this is it. Von, Chris Perry, and myself tackled 18 holes of golf last week, and while the golf was sketchy (at… Read More »

Positive Jabs With The Negative Knockout Punch

I don’t really feel like writing today. I want to warn you, it’s probably gonna be a stupid post that is not worth your time. I’m also going to run tonight, but my times won’t be very good because my legs are tired. I might even cook dinner, but the store was out of the… Read More »

CPAP Superhero

It’s 1pm on a summer day in 1984. I am Space Ghost and my best friend, Richard, is Superman. We are protectors of the universe and we are damn good at it. Our mission is on Klepton, some bad guys have escaped from jail. I have on a cowboy hat and a holster, with 2… Read More »