Von was one of my favorite athletes and I know he’ll be your favorite coach. This guy went from a couch potato to a marathoner/ultra-marathoner in no time. He knows what it takes to get you from wherever you are to where you want to go because he’s been there. He transformed his life, let him show you how to transform yours.

Mike Bledsoe

CEO, Barbell Shrugged

I have always had knee and hip pain while running. That slowed me down pretty significantly. After working with VonĀ I have not had any pain while running and my times have consistently gotten faster!

Amanda D.

LHRL Athlete

Prior to working with Von, I never thought of running as a skill. I thought we all knew how to run. I would have pain in my lower back and hip flexors even on short runs. Now, I treat running just like other aspects of training and work to perfect my technique. My runs are pain free and my times are getting better. I could ask for more than that!

Steven M.

LHRL Athlete