Positive Jabs With The Negative Knockout Punch

I don’t really feel like writing today. I want to warn you, it’s probably gonna be a stupid post that is not worth your time. I’m also going to run tonight, but my times won’t be very good because my legs are tired. I might even cook dinner, but the store was out of the… Read More »

CPAP Superhero

It’s 1pm on a summer day in 1984. I am Space Ghost and my best friend, Richard, is Superman. We are protectors of the universe and we are damn good at it. Our mission is on Klepton, some bad guys have escaped from jail. I have on a cowboy hat and a holster, with 2… Read More »

Every Dog Has THAT Day

So, I had this dog once. She was supposed to have been a full-blooded German Shepard, but I had a hard time believing it. As the dog grew older, she seemed to only grow more hyper, and increasingly more stupid. This dog was worthless. She was basically un-trainable, and the hyper-activity made her almost unbearable… Read More »

LHRL Podcast Episode 9- Brian Williams and Ultras

What’s today? It’s PODCAST DAY! It is one of my favorite days. It is a day that we get together, and do anything but take ourselves too seriously. We have begun doing an almost weekly podcast, and I have to say that it has been one of the more fun and interesting things that I… Read More »

Just Exactly How Big Is Your “But”?

  It’s a bizarre question, I understand. It might be a little personal, however you’re the one that keeps bringing it up, and speaking about it in rooms full of people. You obviously are not ashamed of it, or else you wouldn’t have it hanging out there in the open for everyone to see. Truth… Read More »

Words Changed My Life

  I have always been kinda a smartass. My friends are the playful, rough-around-the-edges sort, and we give each other a lot of grief. I think it is all great, because we laugh and have a good time. However, I don’t think that I have really had a good understanding of the boundaries of spoken… Read More »

I Can’t Even Fathom Where All This Is Going

We are about to be live! The LHRL #goalgetter challenge officially begins Sunday, and things are starting to click. The participants are starting to become more comfortable posting videos and interacting with one another. With every encouraging comment comes the opportunity for another relationship or another bit of motivation, or another change in someone’s life.… Read More »

….But There Are Moments

As a member of Generation X, I have many of the characteristics that people associate with Generation X-ers. I have worked for myself for most of my adult career, and I tend to be pretty scatterbrained. I cling to technology and I use it often. I can be pulled off task with ease, and there… Read More »

It’s Tough Being A Sponsored Athlete

    It was much like any other Spring Saturday. The limo arrived to pick me up at 7. The paparazzi, once again, had been thrown off the trail, and we had them convinced that I was skiing in the Alps. Amanda and I recently fired the nanny, so we had to keep an eye… Read More »

Proud Of My People

Ok, so I’m a proud guy. I come from a proud family. I come from a family that expects very little, other than to work hard and be human. My family, on both sides, come from a long line of respectful people. I said “respectful” people, not “perfect” people. Is anyone in my family infallible?… Read More »