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LHRL Podcast Episode 16 with Isaiah Vidal

LHRL Podcast Episode 16: Isaiah Vidal

On this episode we get to chat with Spartan Pro Team member, Isaiah Vidal.  Isaiah is a pretty impressive young man.  At the age of 23 he’s already completed 2 Death Races.  When Isaiah decides that he wants to accomplish something he doesn’t let anything...

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Life Legacy: Pick Up My Own Trash

I think about my own death quite a bit, not in a morbid kind of way, but as it pertains to my legacy. I want to have the attributes of my grandparents, and some others who have been close to me. All of the ways that I wish to be remembered are very attainable (I said...

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“You think about it…I fix it”

The problem was perplexing. It was an irrigation problem, which was occurring at the home of a long-time customer of mine. There was water leaking from one of the pipes in the ground. The problem was not that there was a leak, the problem was that the leak was...

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Permanent Vacation

I am back. One week of vacationing in Orange Beach, AL is behind me. Wooh-hoo! My mom, Amanda, and the kids were all with me as we enjoyed most everything that the sun, surf, and city had to offer. I needed a rest day after returning home, but I am ready to attack...

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We Are All Walking Resumes

What kind of person are you? How do you perceive others to view you? How would you like others to view you? That’s a difficult question to answer. So difficult in fact, that I don’t think that most of us really get past asking ourselves the question. We go...

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LHRL Podcast #15 w Lisbeth Darsh

So, I like to write, but I have a hard time considering myself “a writer”. My grammar is really poor, and my sentence structure can be rather elementary. I guess it’s not really important, but it does bother me. No one else really seems to care what...

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