I Can’t Even Fathom Where All This Is Going

We are about to be live! The LHRL #goalgetter challenge officially begins Sunday, and things are starting to click. The participants are starting to become more comfortable posting videos and interacting with one another. With every encouraging comment comes the opportunity for another relationship or another bit of motivation, or another change in someone’s life.… Read More »

….But There Are Moments

As a member of Generation X, I have many of the characteristics that people associate with Generation X-ers. I have worked for myself for most of my adult career, and I tend to be pretty scatterbrained. I cling to technology and I use it often. I can be pulled off task with ease, and there… Read More »

It’s Tough Being A Sponsored Athlete

    It was much like any other Spring Saturday. The limo arrived to pick me up at 7. The paparazzi, once again, had been thrown off the trail, and we had them convinced that I was skiing in the Alps. Amanda and I recently fired the nanny, so we had to keep an eye… Read More »

Proud Of My People

Ok, so I’m a proud guy. I come from a proud family. I come from a family that expects very little, other than to work hard and be human. My family, on both sides, come from a long line of respectful people. I said “respectful” people, not “perfect” people. Is anyone in my family infallible?… Read More »

Getting Ready for the #GoalGetter Challenge

In case you are living under a rock and haven’t heard yet, we’re starting a challenge on May the 1st called the #goalgetter challenge.  More info here, but basically it’s a six month challenge to help you reach a six month goal.  At the time of this writing, we are 1 week, 5 days, 6… Read More »

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Being Grateful

Here’s the definition of the word grateful:  “Appreciative of benefits received.”  A forum thread got started on the Barbell Shrugged Overtime website yesterday and the instructions were to post everyday 3 things for which you are grateful.  This is a fun little exercise, and if you aren’t use to thinking much about the good things… Read More »

Gotta Get In God’s Face A ‘Lil Bit

I wanna tell you a story. When I was a sophomore in high school, I had just begun playing varsity football. I was a bench-warmer on the team and it was the first game of the season. I had admired and practically worshiped the “larger than life” varsity football players since I was about 4th… Read More »

Addiction And Recovery–Project Phenix

LHRL-Episode 7   Today, Von and I had the opportunity to talk with a gentleman named Jordan Hooker. Jordan is an employee at “Barbell Shrugged“, and an active member of Faction Strength and Conditioning in Cordova, TN. Jordan is working on one a project that I believe has as much potential to change people’s lives as… Read More »

“All That Glitters Is Not Gold”–Debbie Downer

  “All that glitters is not gold”. You ever heard that? I have. About a thousand times, I have been warned not to get too excited about something because of the possibility of it not being exactly what it appears. While many, if not most, of the times this was good advice, it is true… Read More »

Toys In My Cage

So, I live in this cage. It’s more of a box, but I can see out of it. It seems as if the door opens and closes one thousand times a day, and with each opening a different toy is inserted, while the other is taken away. There are things that are constant inside my… Read More »