Lift Heavy Run Long® #68- Sam Renfrow


Last night, I cleaned parking lots. Miles and miles of walking alongside industrial buildings, blowing the trash into the open parking lot, so the sweeper truck could vacuum it up. My job is to remove the trash and debris, but part of my job is to differentiate what...

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Safety Rails

Safety rails are designed to keep us safe, obviously. They are in place for a purpose, and that purpose is safety. When I was young, I used to come to a flight of stairs that had safety rails on each side. I loved to spread my arms while grabbing a rail with each...

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LHRL #69- Jon Autrey

Jon Autrey is a 34 year old father of two, native Memphian, avid runner and coach. He started running in 2002 as a way to lose weight (He is a former football player that once weighed 275lbs) and it was the only way to get his Mom’s car if he needed it. Jon was living...

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I am angry already. I hate studying. I don't even have anything I need to study, but just the topic pisses me off. The simple thought of being told what and when I need to learn something disgusts me. I love to learn. I am continually becoming interested in new...

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The Moon

I didn't see the moon last night. Does it even exist anymore? It has been a few nights since I have paid any attention to the moon. I love to gaze at it when it is full, and it lights up the night sky. I appreciate the moon for all of the things I am told it...

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I carry an extraordinary amount of keys on my keychain. I don't know what most of the keys even go to. I keep the old ones on my keychain because they serve as markers for which keys go to what locks. I remember that the key which I don't remember, that goes to the...

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