LHRL Podcast Episode #60- Amy Goode & Hailey Thomas









Friendship, at it's highest level, is seldom convenient. There is almost never enough people around when it is time to be put on display. Being a friend doesn't mesh nicely with my calendar. I rarely feel celebrated or appreciated enough for exhibiting the qualities...

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When does being lost officially become a thing? At what point can one say that they are definitively "lost"? There is no one in the world that has not had the feeling of being lost, on some level, whether it be on an emotional or geographic basis. Friday night, Gary,...

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There is nothing that symbolizes accomplishment quite like that of a setting sun. Scientists estimate that the probability of an individual being born is 400trillion-to-one. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but those odds don't sound real good. Yet, here we are....

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I didn't sleep well last night. This is unusual for me. Most evenings it's lights-out, CPAP, press button, good thoughts, and then it's morning. Last night was much different. I have some uncertainty regarding my future, which makes me different from every other human...

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LHRL #60- Amy Goode & Hailey Thomas

https://youtu.be/biAQnlqJS6Q On Episode #60 of the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast we featured the owners of Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine, Amy Goode and Hailey Thomas. When Amy is not beating the streets looking for the next fitness craze, she enjoys running,...

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Let it Go

Me: "What is the blog topic?" Amanda: "Letting go." I wonder why she chose that topic? Is she saying I don't let things go? Was that a jab? Maybe, she needs to let things go. I let things go. Nobody tells me what to hold onto, and what to let go. Nobody tells me what...

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