Lift Heavy Run Long® #65- Dale Sanford





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My bouts of insomnia are usually a combination of irrationality and inaction. I fall asleep quickly on most nights. I usually strap on my CPAP, dive deep into my imagination, and away I go. If I can't sleep, there is usually something pressing on my mind. Sometimes,...

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I guess we all have an occupation. I think that we are supposed to identify ourselves with doing one thing. From a young age we are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" This is a loaded question. When I grow up, I hope to learn more, so as to be something...

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LHRL #65- Dale Sanford

Dale Sanford is Co-Founder of BPC Performance Coaching and has been training athletes of all ages, ability levels, and sporting backgrounds for over 10 years. Early in his coaching career, Dale was a collector of certifications, so he has a lot of fancy letters after...

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There is a price to be paid for the ease of the elevator. Like everything else, there is always a compromise- inherent risks and rewards. To take the elevator is easier than the stairs; it is more convenient, and requires no physical exertion. There is, however, a...

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I would imagine that the dude who chiseled on the concrete slabs was excited about the scroll and feather. I assume that the individual who used the ink quill probably appreciated the ballpoint pen. Then paper. Next notebooks. Trapper Keepers. Post-it Notes. Liquid...

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Man Boob Monday

We thought it was a tick. Amanda and my mother-in-law, Carolyn, had the dog, Charlie, flipped over on his back. They were giving him a good once-over. Carolyn began to pick at what she though was a tick. I turned out to be his nipple. Carolyn looked at me, shook her...

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