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LHRL® #213

LHRL® #213 Lift Heavy Run Long® #213 went down like this: Walking Tall 25k/50k is coming up. Getting wifi in the studio. Von's crappy hamburger Grimace is a taste bud McDonald's McBang Gang Golf is hard Sean Hizzle wrote us a...

LHRL® #212- Derek Baker

LHRL® #212- Derek Baker Lift Heavy Run Long #212 got us back together and back on track after an extended break. We were fortunate enough to have our friend Derek Baker be willing to sit down and visit with us. Derek is a 20+ veteran of the Navy and spent a great...

Hello Again

Hello Again

Howdy, It's been a while. I seem to be the king of comebacks the last couple of years. If I'm honest, I probably just enjoy the climb vs. the crest. Anyway, I haven't done a fantastic job of playing the role of "The Reverend" for a while now. If I'm 100% transparent,...