Lift Heavy Run Long® #64- Chris Clothier





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I would imagine that the dude who chiseled on the concrete slabs was excited about the scroll and feather. I assume that the individual who used the ink quill probably appreciated the ballpoint pen. Then paper. Next notebooks. Trapper Keepers. Post-it Notes. Liquid...

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Man Boob Monday

We thought it was a tick. Amanda and my mother-in-law, Carolyn, had the dog, Charlie, flipped over on his back. They were giving him a good once-over. Carolyn began to pick at what she though was a tick. I turned out to be his nipple. Carolyn looked at me, shook her...

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I am taking a writing class. I loathe formal education. I love to learn, but I only love learning what I want to learn at that specific time. A portion of my daily assignment is to exercise for 18 minutes. It doesn't have to be intense, hardcore, vein-bursting...

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Road Signs

The laws of the road are merely suggestions if you don't get caught ignoring them. I wonder who came up the first street sign. At what interstate, in what town, and for what reason, did someone push hard enough for there to be a sign created to tell the people how...

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LHRL #64- Chris Clothier Chris Clothier is an entrepreneur, real-estate investor, author, public speaker, runner, and endurance athlete. His first book, The Turn-key Revolution, is set for release in late Fall of 2017. In addition to a successful career life,...

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My brand of my personality only comes in two colors: tolerant and intolerant. Sure, there is a period in between the two, when patience is lost, and the tide turns from being level-headed to seemingly off of my meds, but that window closes quickly. Tolerance and...

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