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Lift Heavy Run Long® #75- Lisa Smith

Power Lines

We set up our tents for a race directly underneath power lines. The electricity was so strong that we had to ground our poles so we wouldn't be mildly electrocuted. The energy could be tracked for miles and miles, increasing as I went until it would eventually lead to...

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I got drunk in Mexico and traded my watch for a pizza. It was late. I was hungry. The pizza guy needed a watch and the drunk guy needed a pizza. End of story. To this day, I believe I got the better end of the deal. Sure, it was probably not the best long-term...

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LHRL #75- Lisa Smith Throughout college, Lisa Smith was a heavier and not at all fit. She got into running by the end of college, starting losing weight, and the snowball of fitness that is now her life started rolling. Over the next few years, she completed...

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I was hungry, I was tired, I was anxious, and I was pissed. I didn't have a whole lot of time, so whatever I prepared was going to have to be done quickly. I decided that I should make two things: Lasagna Joy In order to make both of these things, I needed about 90...

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Jackets are an inconvenience. Most maintenance items are inconvenient. I have never worn jackets because they seem like a hassle. I can't remember to put them back on after I take them. If it's cold outside and someone reminds me to wear a jacket, I roll my eyes and...

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Of all the exercises in the world, laughter is the most effective. I am far from being an expert in fitness. I do not profess to know anything about how the body functions in relation to its cardiovascular system or how it all ties in with metabolism and muscle...

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