First things first.  Last night I got registered for the Crossfit Endurance Trainer Course in Cookeville, TN in March!!  It’s taking place at Crossfit Mayhem (Rich Froning’s Gym) and Brian Mackenzie of Crossfit Endurance will be on hand instructing!! I am super PUMPED!!

Today’s Training:

  • Snatch 1RM
  • Clean & Jerk RM
  • Snatch Pull 3 x 3 @ 95% of Snatch 1RM

Snatch felt much better today.  After watching the “Top 7 Snatch Mistakes” video, I really think I’m starting to improve.  60Kg is a PR by about 7 lbs.  So that’s awesome.

Clean and Jerks were ok.  I worked up to 8oKg, then attempted 89Kg.  I smashed myself in the face on the Jerk with 89Kg and called it quits.

  • 4 x 60 sec Thrusters (35% of 1RM); rest 3 min
  • rest 10 min
  • 4 x 60 sec Russian KB Swings (70/53#); rest 3 min

Thrusters weren’t too bad.  Reps ended up like this:  22,23,21,19.

The Kb Swings were ok.  My arms just gave out in the end though.  Reps:  37,36,35,29.   Quite a drop in the end there.  Haha, I just couldn’t hold on to the Kb any longer.