Not a tough day really.  Nice workout to follow up yesterday’s tough one in my opinion.  Started out with some snatches and HSPU’s:

I used a 1RM of 125lbs for this workout. I think that’s my last 1RM (yes, I know it is not a lot)

Snatch 5 x1 @ 80%

Used 100lbs.  Then…

EMOM for 12 Minutes

  • 4 x Handstand Pushups
I did pretty well through about 7 rounds without kipping.  Then I started to fall apart doing one and two kipping at a time.  I slowly got through the last couple of rounds.  Not too easy…
So that’s 6 rounds of 7 Squat Snatches, 30 Double Unders, and 3 minutes of rest.  There’s a nice little Technique WOD video about squat snatches:

Anyway, I did pretty well at this WOD.  Finished in 20:40 so did all the work basically in 5 minutes.  Double unders went well, and snatches were smooth.  Only used 65lbs. so really think I got in some good snatch practice with the low weight.  They felt good anyway.

Until tomorrow…


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