It’s really cool to meet new people out there on the internet that come across this site and decide that they are going to get themselves into the “50-400” club.  It’s even cooler when I get to watch them achieve this goal via social media.  The newest addition to the club is one of those individuals.  I’m excited to welcome Elijah “Hazzerdd” Hassertt to the 50-400 club!  Congrats, dude!

10429244_10203474350281717_5140060177885633549_nI love the concept of LHRL. I have competed in Powerlifting, Strongman, Cross Country, Track, Crossfit, Obstacle Course Races, and distance running from 800m-54.6 miles. I love competition and I love pushing my boundaries to new heights and new limits. On to the next challenge!!
1 mile- 5:04 @ Track Meet (4:44 in training)
2 mile- 11:17 @ Track Meet
5k- 19:14
1/2 marathon- 1:39, Seattle Marathon 2013
Marathon- 3:38, Redmond Watershed Trail Marathon 2015 (3rd Place)
50k- 5:52, Hawaii Kai Ultra Runs (1st Place)
50 mile- 10:31, Hamster Endurance Run Split
12 Hour- 54.6 miles, Hamster Endurance Run (1st Place), 57.09 miles in training
100k- 13:16, In training
Squat- 360, Double Viking Meet (405 in training)
Bench- 240, Double Viking Meet
Deadlift- 505, Double Viking Meet (525 in training)
Deadlift for reps- 475×4 in 60sec., Washington’s Strongest Apple
OH Press- 155, In Training
Jerk- 215, Double Viking Meet