50-400 Club (300lbs for Women)

Sean Hilsdon (100 Miler addition)

Sean is a civil engineer from Millington, TN. He now calls Southaven, MS his home, along with his wife April and three very active children, Mitchell, Garrett, and Madison. Growing up, his youth athletics consisted mainly of competitive soccer from years 4 up until graduating college. Following college, he quickly found that working behind a computer screen all day, compounded by an unhealthy lifestyle, equaled lots of weight gain. So he tried the local gym thing for a few years, dabbling in weight and running machines to try and get back right. However, despite the fact he changed to more healthy food choices, he just loved to eat a lot. So in 2014, motivated by his wife, he started training for his first long distance race, the Memphis St Jude 1/2 Marathon. He was hooked on running, which was great, but started slacking in the gym. Then in early 2016, he got hooked up with the LHRL Community and has been continually inspired to see how far he can run and lift, while training for both, simultaneously. In November 2017 Sean completed his first 50-mile race at Tunnell Hill, but was only able to successfully pull 385-pounds at the time. He then focused on longer distances in 2018 and said “the hell with the deadlift”. Then in 2019, after finding out he got into both the Georgia Death Race 74-miler (GDR) and the Bear 100-miler trail races, he decided to give it another whirl. Following his success at GDR in March, he prepared an 18-week plan for his first 100, while also incorporating deadlifts whenever time would allow. On September 27th, he successfully completed the Bear 100 in a time of 33:33:15. Two weeks later, at the Tour D’Esprit 24-hour race, he pulled 400-pounds (big shoutouts to Von “the Rev” Ralls for bringing the bar & plates and also to Brian “Big Thirsty” Swanson for judging and motivating!). Sean’s 2019 season had many PR’s: first 100K (LOViT 100K); first 100-miler (The Bear 100); first Western States 100 qualifiers (GDR & Bear 100); first Hardrock 100 qualifier (Bear 100); first UTMB qualifiers (GDR 5-points, Elkhorn Crest 50 4-points, & Bear 100 6-points); and the deadlift PR of 400-pounds.

5K: 19:52 (2018 O.B. Mayfest 5K)
10K: 43:02 (2015 Hernando Water Tower 10K)
1/2 Marathon: 1:29:22 (2016 St Jude Memphis 1/2 Marathon)
Marathon: 3:29:34 (2018 Little Rock Marathon)
50K: 4:55:56 (3rd OA @ 2017 Stanky Creek 50K)
50-Miler: 8:52:55 (2017 Tunnel Hill 50)

Amanda “Jacked & Tan” Horrell

Amanda Horrell is a 36 year old mother of two, native Chattanoogan, avid crossfitter and runner. She started running and crossfitting 3 & 1⁄2 years ago with the initial goal of losing weight and making friends in a new town. Over the past 3 years, Amanda has consistently crossfit and run, constantly pushing herself and her goals. She recently deadlifted 315 pounds, officially entering her into the LHRL 50/300 club. This has been a goal of hers since completing her first 50 mile race almost 2 years ago. She now faces her second 50 mile race in three weeks. Earlier this year, she earned her L-1 Crossfit Trainer certificate and enjoys coaching at her gym, Olive Branch CrossFit. She loves heavy lifiting and has now upped her deadlift goal to 400 pounds. Her favorite movement is the power clean with a current PR of 155 pounds with a goal of 180 pounds. Her current 5K PR is 29:31:12 and she is super proud of that. She always says she is slow but steady when it comes to running. Dropping below a 30 minute 5K was a huge achievement for her.

Wilson “Beefcake” Horrell









Total fat guy, food junkie, 2+packs of cigarettes a day, lover and addict of all things unhealthy, lazyass who joined Olive Branch CrossFit, started hanging with the endurance crowd at LHRL, and watched my life and daily habits change. I like to run (but not all the time), and I like to lift (but not all the time). Truthfully, I like to do what I want, and I don’t want to spend every waking hour either in the gym or on a trail. I found an awesome balance of work and play through the coaching and concept of LHRL, as well as some really cool people, so I started trying some longer distances. I’m not a fast runner, and really don’t aspire to be, but I am relatively strong and I can play all day on the trails with the other kids. My life has changed thanks to this program. I appreciate the culture shift, and blending heavy weights with long distance.

  • Back Squat 345lbs
  • Push Press 270lbs
  • Front Squat 275lbs
  • Deadlift 415lbs
  • Fastest Mile 7:14
  • Fastest 5k 26:20
  • Fastest 10k 54:36
  • Sylamore 50K 2015. Finished Dead Last, but was robbed of this title because they grouped the final three of us in alphabetical order 10:22
  • Sylamore 50K 2016 8:58
  • Stanky Creek 50K 2015 7:30
  • Tunnel Hill 50miler 14:52 Didn’t finish dead last, but with enough perseverance, I can get there.
  • 51 Miles completed in 2016 Tour D’Spirit 24-Hour Race
  • 2017 Fall Creek Falls 50K 8:03

Phil Floraday

Photo by BigZig Photography

I’m a stay at home dad who really likes lifting. I started working with a great running coach last year to up my endurance and start running ultras. I’m not nearly as strong as I was before I added in all the running, but I’m far healthier now and I can still move a reasonable amount of weight. My next goal is maintaining a 405+ squat and being able to run a road marathon under 4 hours.
5k: 21:57
10k: 49:40
1/2 marathon: 1:55:37
Marathon: 4:46:55
50k: 9:52:37 (Marquette Trail 50k)
88k: 17:40 (Infinitus)
Back squat: 450 lb
Deadlift: 500 lb
Bench: 320 lb

Samuel Hartman

Samuel Hartman is a weightlifter, ultrarunner, and coach. He is the director of Clintonville Barbell, a USAW-affiliated weightlifting club in Columbus, OH. Samuel has been running for many years and has dabbled in everything from road cycling to rock climbing. After starting CrossFit in 2011, he transitioned to Olympic weightlifting in 2014 and has competed at local and national-level meets including the American Open series. Samuel has been an ethical vegan since 2006 and wants to show that one can be a successful strength and endurance athlete on a plant-based diet.

Samuel enjoys discussing topics such as artificial intelligence, Dataism, ethics, and where to find the best vegan pizza. He is currently targeting the Barkley Fall Classic or UTMB-TDS as his A race for 2020.

@sam_metal PRs:
1 mile: 6:33
5k: 22:09
10k: 49:03
50k: 7:02:00
50M: 12:58:00
100k: 17:58:39
100M: 29:45:09
Deadlift: 210kg / 463lb
Back Squat: 183kg / 403lb
Front Squat: 155kg / 342lb
Snatch: 92kg / 203lbC&J: 116kg / 256lb

Christian Maier is a proud father of two children and devoted husband, brother, and son.  A carpenter by trade, he now works as a construction manager for a municipality.   Curious to see what his physical limits were, Christian began entering ultra-races.   It is during these types of events that Christian finds moments of clarity and a feeling of deep satisfaction.   Knowing he’s not the fastest or the strongest, what is important to Christian is striving to be a better person every day by challenging himself with adventures he is not sure he’ll be able to complete.

Hoping to be an inspiration to his family and friends, Christian deadlifted 502 pounds at the Annual Battle of the Great Lakes Powerlifting competition on April 14, 2018.  On July 28, 2018, Christian completed his first 100 miler.   Outside of ultra-running and powerlifting, Christian is a general outdoor enthusiast and enjoys rock climbing, fly fishing and canoeing.   Upcoming events will probably include running longer and/or faster as well as becoming a better powerlifter.

  • Burning River – 100 Miles Jul 28, 2018, t= 29:37:46
  • Buckeye Trail 50 – 50K Jul 7, 2018, t= 7:22:11
  • Mohican – Marathon Jun 16, 2018, t= 6:45:40
  • Buzzard Day Trail Races – 50K Mar 17, 2018, t= 7:19:57
  • JFK – 50 Miler Nov 18, 2017, t= 10:21:23
  • Buckeye Trail 50 – 50K Jul 8, 2017, t= 6:43:53
  • O24 – 24hrs Apr 29, 2017, 79.1896 miles
  • O24 – 24hrs Apr 30, 2016 62 miles
  • Burning River – 50 Miler Jul 25, 2015, t= 12:38:00
  • Fools 50k & 25k Trail Run – 25K Mar 29, 2015, t= 2:33:29
  • 2016 Ohio State Championship – 1050 Total (335# Squat, 250# Bench Press & 465# Deadlift)
  • 2018 Annual Battle of the Great Lakes – 502# Deadlift

Favorite Quote – “Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought.”

Jon Eklöf

36 years old 5’9″, ~ 180lbs

I lift and I run. I have never accepted not being good at something. Therefore I do both. Unfortunately, this has led to the fact that I am not particularly good at either of them.

I always try to maintain roughly a 2.5x BW deadlift no matter what I do running wise. This year I wanted to see if it was possible to do the 50/400 challenge in a day. It was.

Since I don’t consider myself being a good runner I don’t participate in many competitions. Therefore I don’t have many official timings to show off with. However, for the races I have done:

10 k – 46.09
1/2 marathon (with a “warmup” of 22.5 k a couple of hours prior to the race) 1.54
6 hour run – 53.5 k.
Deadlift – 450
Bench – 352 (I have really short arms)
OHP – 192
Squat – 374

David Daugherty, 42 years old, met his wife in 1991 as a high school freshman and they have been married since 1995. They have 4 children ages 22, 19, 16, and 14-  3 boys and 1 girl, who is the 19-year-old.

David has worked in supply chain since 1998 as both a technical application developer and a processes engineer. He is a campus pastor for a video campus that live-streams their main campus service.

David played football and wrestled in high school. He wrestled 1 year of college before changing schools. In 2007, he re-launched the local kids wrestling program in his town which had dwindled down to just 2 8th grade wrestlers.  His program is for K-8th grade and is the feed and fundraising wing of the high school program. They typically have 35 – 45 wrestlers each season and about 30 of them compete in 1 or more tournament.  During this time they have had 9 wrestlers qualify for the IKWF state tournament and 2 top 8 finishers. They started hosting a tournament in 2011 which is their biggest work effort and primary fundraiser. David hopes to continue to lead the program for years to come.


In 2014, David’s son joined the middle school track team and took up Pole Vault.  This is a unique event that most schools in his area don’t have a lot of coaching for. By the end of the 2015 season, David was doing his best to learn this new sport in order to coach his son and his teammates.  That summer David found a college that would allow them to use their fieldhouse for indoor practices after the season. They continued to practice in the summer and his youngest son began to practice as well. David is now the volunteer PV coach for the middle school.  He also works with his high school son and his teammate. In the last 4 years the middle school has had 8 state qualifiers, 3 top 8 finishers and this season David’s 8th grade son was the state champion. Both high school vaulters qualified for the state meet this season. While he loves working with his own boys and seeing them do well he also hopes to build a school tradition in this event that outlasts their years of school competition.


Recent numbers and future races:
Deadlift – 425
50 Miles – Tunnel Hill 2017 11:51
2  50K races coming up in 2018, Shawnee Hills 100 8/25, Walking Tall 10/20
Planning to run a 5K and a half marathon during my summer training to get updated PR’s

Complete one of the 50K races in under 6 hours.
Pull 500 by the end of 2018.
Considering 100-mile run before the end of 2020

I was perfectly happy in my fitness pursuits until I ran across the LHRL podcast in June 2017. My deadlift was perfectly content at 330 and by distance PR of a single 50k voiced no complaints about never running farther until I heard about this 50-400 club. Knowing I’m normally better off when I have a goal to work on I ordered the deadlift program in June and by August I hit and have held the 400lb deadlift mark. That 50 miler seemed a little out of reach but the continuous indoctrination from the podcast and BLOG posts kept me training until I successfully complete the Prairie Spirit Trial 50 miler on March 24th, 2018. I turn 50 this summer so it seemed appropriate to mark this current season of life with 50 miles of the sport I love sometimes and tolerate the rest of the time. I’m not kidding when I say these two milestones all came from the LHRL community and its authentic leaders and spokes people. Keep up the great work!!!

Mile 6:17

5k 21:59

Half Marathon 1:44

Marathon 4:10 (Marathons are stupid)

50k 5:35

50 Mile 9:40:33

Sprint Triathlon 1:09

Duathlon National Qualifier 2016

Deadlift 400

Bench Press 240

Back Squat 295


Gary Owens

45 years old
5’10”, 225 lbs
In 2008 while I was smoking a cigarette and doing absolutely zero exercise I watched my sister-in-law do the NYC Triathlon.  Decided in Central Park that the next year that would be me in the race.  So in 2009 I not only quit the smokes but also did the NYC Triathlon in 3:22:07.
Half Marathon PR 1:58:39 St. Jude 2011
Marathon PR 5:05:37 St. Jude 2012
50k PR 8:04:49 Stanky Creek 2017
50 Mile PR 12:48:54 Tunnel Hill 2017 (Thank you Wilson, Sean, Von and Cory for convincing me to do it!)
Deadlift 455
Back Squat 326
Front Squat 253
Power Clean 185
Snatch 132
Push Press 171

Dawn Stambaugh is a 43 yr old Manufacturing Manager and mother of 3 (one is her niece really). She is 5’6”, 195lbs and tougher than hell. Dawn started Crossfit Oct 2016 and really got into running over the last two years. She ran her first trail race this year and fell in love with the trails.

5k PR 28:54 –RRS 5k 2017

½ Marathon PR 2:30:28– St Jude 2016

50k PR 7:41:14– Stanky Creek 2017

50 Mile PR 12:31:12– Tunnel Hill 2017

Deadlift 310lbs

Back Squat 230lbs

Push Press 115lbs

Clean 135lbs

Front Squat 140lbs

Randy Tuck
33 years old
5’4″, 170lbs
Endurance coach at True Peak CrossFit, Manchester, NH. Altra shoe ambassador, Ragnar Trail Warrior for New England market. Bourbon snob. All around jackass.
5k PR: 22:30 Holy Grail 5k 2012
Half marathon PR: 1:48 Manchester half Marathon  2013
Marathon: Disney Goofy Challenge 2013: 5:42 (Day after the half marathon and they had a roller coaster)
50k: Pineland Trail Festival 2016: 6:43 (55k)
50 mile: Pineland Trail Festival 2017: 12:27
Top 50 Tough Mudder New England 2013
100 mile: 29:40 (Ghost Train 2019)
1,500lb/10 min Challenge:
Snatch: 155lb
Clean: 205lb
Jerk: 205lb
Squat: 305lb
Bench: 225lb
Deadlift: 405lb
Time: 1:42
Run: 7:20
Total: 9:43
Deadlift: 475
Back Squat: 315
Bench Press: 265
Push Press: 215
Snatch: 145
Clean and Jerk: 205
Clean: 205
Fran: 5:34

Capt. Santiago Morales

I’m currently stationed at Fort Bragg.  I have a loving Wife Nichole, PA-C, and beautiful little 15-month old girl, Eliana.  Born and raised Texan, graduated from Texas A&M University. Recently got into lifting over the last year. I am a former ambassador for Trail Racing Over Texas and a current member of the Snowdrop Foundation’s Honor Team. Each race we run is dedicated to a child battling Pediatric cancer.  Every year I run the Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 55 Hour Race and Relay to raise money for pediatric cancer research and scholarships for survivors.

First marathon: Austin Marathon 2013
First Half: Soldier’s Half-Marathon 2013
First ultra: Hog’s Hunt 50k 2014

Half: Atlanta Half 2013
Austin Marathon 2014
Temple Half 2014
Brazos Bend Half 2015

Marathon:  Jackelope Jam 2016
Army Marathon 2015
All-American Marathon 2017

Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 2015- 100Miles

Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 2016- 100Miles

Brazos Bend 2015 50Miler

Hog’s Hunt 50k 2015

Wild Hare 50k 2015

Korea 59K 2016

Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 2017- 100Miles

Joe Ventura


I ran cross-country and track in high school, afterwards I stopped exercising completely. I was 22 years old overweight and smoked half a pack almost daily. Woke up one day sick of the way I was living and at 22 I lost 50lbs and quit smoking cold turkey. I wanted to prove to my coworker that I really use to like running and we did the warrior dash 5k in 2009. That same year I found an ad in a magazine about the north face endurance challenge in wisconsin and ran my first 50k that year. right away I became obsessed with running, after a few years of running ultras I wanted to challenge myself in a new way and found power lifting. The past 2 years of lifting and no running, I had the desire to do ultra races again and just finished the st pats 24hour race this october 2016 with 76.6miles. Now looking for that balance between lifting heavy and long runs 🙂

  • 2009 My first Ultra the North face endurance challenge 50k 5:11:36
  • Cincinnati flying pig marathon 3:05:29 (boston qualifier)
  • North face endurance challenge best 50miler 7:08:14
  • Dances with dirt Devils lake 50miler 3rd place overall 9:08:56
  • St. Pats 24hour race 100miles completed
  • 2012 Boston Marathon participant
  • 2013 Potawatomi 150mi DNF with 130miles
  • Mohican 100miler 27:56:01
  • 2015 first and only powerlifting competition APF summer bash raw division 2nd place 67kg weight class with 467.5kg total
  • 2016 best lifts
    Deadlift 515lbs
    Squat 415lbs
    Bench 265lbs
  • 2016 St. Pat’s 24 hr (first ultra in 2years) 76.65 miles

Josh Otero

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 6.57.27 AM

Josh Otero is the CEO and founder of Recover Faster. Josh has been an athlete his entire life, including a collegiate gymnast. While in the business world, Josh reduced his stress through many activities and became a CrossFit coach, Spartan coach, marathoner, ultra-marathoner, and a participant in athletic fundraising for the MARSOC foundation and the Ride430. These experiences motivated Josh to pursue a career in fitness industry. As a result, Josh left the corporate world and opened a CrossFit gym. Josh’s continued personal pursuit of fitness and wellness fueled his passion to create Recover Faster. Recover Faster promotes optimal performance based on physiological data. Josh has worked extensively with the creators of HRV technology to understand the data and adjust workouts to hit peak performance. www.recoverfaster.vip

  • 5K – 18:37
  • 10K – >40
  • Marathon – 3:26 – shooting for sub 3:10
  • 50 mile – 3X Finisher
  • 100 miles – Leadville Trail 100 – DNF – Going back for more
  • Deadlift – 415lbs
  • Front Squat – 275lbs
  • Thruster – 205lbs
  • Fran – 3:10
  • Murph (w/vest) – 36:59
  • Tommy V – 24:21

Kenneth Dollar


I have been fascinated with Ultra-marathons since I first read about them in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”  I had always believed that running farther 26.2 miles was just unthinkable.  So I started running in late 2011 and set my sights on a 50k near me.  I DNF’d that race.  Then I tried that same race the next year and DNF’d it again.  A traditional, high milage training program was just leaving me tired and, frequently, injured.  To help with the injuries, I started doing CrossFit.  Shortly thereafter, I discovered Brian Mackenzie’s Crossfit Endurance and stumbled upon Lift Heavy/Run Long around the same time.  Once I started doing CrossFit, the injuries went away, and I started getting strong.
With a new training program in place, I was able to complete the Bandera 100k in Janurary 2015.  I came in dead last, but I still finished.  I am really proud of that buckle, as it represents my ability to do anything I set my mind to.
Next up, a 100 miler.
  • Bandera 100k 23:48
  •  1RM Deadlift 405#
  • 1RM Back Squat 385#
  • 1RM Thruster 205#


Elijah “Hazzerdd” Hassertt


I love the concept of LHRL. I have competed in Powerlifting, Strongman, Cross Country, Track, Crossfit, Obstacle Course Races, and distance running from 800m-54.6 miles. I love competition and I love pushing my boundaries to new heights and new limits. On to the next challenge!!
  • 1 mile- 5:04 @ Track Meet (4:44 in training)
  • 2 mile- 11:17 @ Track Meet
  • 5k- 19:14
  • 1/2 marathon- 1:39, Seattle Marathon 2013
  • Marathon- 3:38, Redmond Watershed Trail Marathon 2015 (3rd Place)
  • 50k- 5:52, Hawaii Kai Ultra Runs (1st Place)
  • 50 mile- 10:31, Hamster Endurance Run Split
  • 12 Hour- 54.6 miles, Hamster Endurance Run (1st Place), 57.09 miles in training
  • 100k- 13:16, In training
  • Squat- 360, Double Viking Meet (405 in training)
  • Bench- 240, Double Viking Meet
  • Deadlift- 505, Double Viking Meet (525 in training)
  • Deadlift for reps- 475×4 in 60sec., Washington’s Strongest Apple
  • OH Press- 155, In Training
  • Jerk- 215, Double Viking Meet


Quinn Rose


I love getting stronger, but other strength athletes don’t know what they are missing out on in finishing an ultra. So I have finished a handful of marathons and two brutal 50 milers and can deadlift 425.

  • Deadlift:  425 lbs.
  • White River 50 Miler:  2010: 12:09:15 2011: 11:04:58
  • Best marathon time: Missoula 2010: 3:41:37
  • Best 5k time (2013): 21:22
  • Clean and jerk: 265 lbs.
  • Squat: 385 lbs.
  • Press: 180 lbs.
  • Fran: 4:30
  • Bench press: 260 lbs.
  • 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Washington’s Strongest Apple 2014 (strongman)175lb division: 1st place

Rob Conner

Ultra-Marathon, Triathlete

220 snatch
275 clean
290 jerk
435 deadlift
365 back squat
7:55 helen
3:30 fran
central east regional qualifier
5:50 50K
12:20 50M
11:30 2 mile
5:14 mile
1:26 500M row
Swamp Stomper 50K x 2,
Sylamore 50K x 2,
Quachita 50M.

2008 Los Locos Duathlon 1st place Fat Tire Division

2010 Winter Cross Country Series 5K 2nd Place Age Group
2006 Wolfman Duathlon 3rd place Age Group
2006 Wolfman Triathlon 3rd Place Age Group

Mike Hudson


  • Back Squat: 430 lbs.
  • Front Squat:  315lbs.
  • Deadlift: 450 lbs.
  • Press: 195 lbs.
  • Snatch: 165lbs.
  • Clean and Jerk: 215 lbs.
  • Bench: 295lbs.


  • 5 marathons
  • 8 50k’s (fastest 7:48 = Bartlett Park 2010)
  • 4 50m (fastest 12:08 = Mississippi 50 2009)
  • 2 24 hour
  • 1 100m cycle (6:58 = Bluff City Blues 100 2011)