Welcome to the club, Kenneth, and congratulations!! Here’s a little info on this awesome dude, and more proof that you can lift heavy and run long:

​I have been fascinated with ​Ultra-marathons since I first read about them in Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run”  I had always believed that running farther than 26.2 miles was just unthinkable.  So I started running in late 2011 and set my sights on a 50k near me.  I DNF’d that race.  Then I tried that same race the next year and DNF’d it again.  A traditional, high milage training program was just leaving me tired and, frequently, injured.  To help with the injuries, I started doing CrossFit.  Shortly thereafter, I discovered Brian Mackenzie’s Crossfit Endurance and stumbled upon Lift Heavy/Run Long around the same time.  Once I started doing CrossFit, the injuries went away, and I started getting strong.
With a new training program in place, I was able to complete the Bandera 100k in Janurary 2015.  I came in dead last, but I still finished.  I am really proud of that buckle, as it represents my ability to do anything I set my mind to.
Next up, a 100 miler.
Rockledge Rumble 50k 2012 DNF
Rockledge Rumble 50k 2013 DNF
Bandera 100k 23:48
1RM Deadlift 405#
1RM Back Squat 385#
1RM Thruster 205#
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