Jon Eklöf

36 years old 5’9″, ~ 180lbs

I lift and I run. I have never accepted not being good at something. Therefore I do both. Unfortunately, this has led to the fact that I am not particularly good at either of them.

I always try to maintain roughly a 2.5x BW deadlift no matter what I do running wise. This year I wanted to see if it was possible to do the 50/400 challenge in a day. It was.

Since I don’t consider myself being a good runner I don’t participate in many competitions. Therefore I don’t have many official timings to show off with. However, for the races I have done:

10 k – 46.09
1/2 marathon (with a “warmup” of 22.5 k a couple of hours prior to the race) 1.54
6 hour run – 53.5 k.
Deadlift – 450
Bench – 352 (I have really short arms)
OHP – 192
Squat – 374

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