Lift Heavy Run Long® #181 with the fabulous Hollie Trim. This week Von is on vacation with his family so we went in search of someone awesome who would uplift us and keep us entertained. The decisions was simple- Hollie Trim. She is incredibly awesome.

Here is what went down on #181:

Hollie brought gifts!! (Amanda got a Harry Potter journal. Thirsty got a whiskey glass. Wilson got a personalized peanut Butter Spoon!!!!!!!)

The coronavirus

Can you wear a race shirt from a race you didn’t run/finish?

When is a banana peel littering?

Impossible Burger

Man vs Snake- riveting documentary about the world record Nibbler score holder.

Heaven sakes? Heaven’s sake? Heaven’s sakes?

The rest of the topics will likely not affect your day to day life as much as the one aforementioned.

Have a great week and keep kicking ass.