I went to bed early last night. I love that feeling. Waking to a sense of overwhelming gratitude followed by a flood of ludicrous ideas that come with the feeling of morning invincibility. My ADD causes my dreams and ideas to bounce from ridiculous to absurd- from one side of my brain to the other- like a scrolling ticker with a glitch that doesn’t allow it to finish the stream, but I love it nonetheless.

With a good night’s sleep and an internet connection, we can be whatever the hell we wanna be. It’s incredible.
Thirty years ago, if you wanted to become a pilot, what did you do? Ask your friends to ask their friends if they know a friend who knows how to become a pilot? Get your parent’s encyclopedias? Send off for some literature, then wait 4-6 weeks for delivery and pray that it was useful?


Google “How to become a pilot.” and the adventure begins.

A pilot.
A programmer.
A lawyer.
A weightlifter.
A musician
A drug dealer.
A preacher.
A prostitute.

The choices are limitless.

I guess the internet never gets old to me.

Internet, opportunity, and a good night’s sleep are tough to bed.

Google it.

Get it done.

Peace, love and all things beef related,