I pray a lot. Well, I guess it would be considered praying. Some argue that there are certain ways to pray and certain ways not to, but I think that prayer is probably the only area in my life that I don’t over-complicate the process. I pray in my car, I pray when I run, and I pray when I wait. I pray when I am doing most things that aren’t entirely eating up my tiny little attention span. I’m not sure who or what it is that I’m praying to, and I’m not real sure it matters. I don’t get on my knees and I don’t go through any rituals. I just know that when I begin the act of prayer my heart-rate slows, my tensions release and I feel like I think more clearly, with less distraction. I feel more at ease and in touch with reality, when I am conscious enough to pray.

You might say that I am addicted to spirituality. I enjoy the peace and comfort that it provides me. I think a lot of people associate spirituality with meditation, but meditation is definitely not my thing. I’m the only person in the world who can think himself into an anxiety attack while trying to get still and clear his thoughts. I have tried meditation, and it’s just not for me.

I feel pretty confident that my praying works, but it doesn’t always work as quickly as I’d like, nor does it produce the results I desire, all of the time.

I had a discussion with my ole buddy, Jimmy, regarding my tendency of trying to put a little “body english” into my prayers, and my lack of willingness to let God work however he chooses to work. True to form, Jimmy was witty, insightful, and, most definitely, country.

This is what he told me:
“Ya know, spending time at the barn ain’t gonna make you a horse, any more than spending time in prayer is gonna make you a God. But, if you spend enough time with either God or horses, you will learn a lot about both of ’em…and neither the horse nor the God has gotta say nothin, cause they just are. They ain’t got nothin that needs to be said.
The horse and God [stops and scratches his head], well… I wouldn’t go waitin around for them to change what they are on behalf of your account.
I think the best that you can do is to spend some time with ’em, try to understand ’em, learn to respect ’em, and grow to appreciate ’em. They gonna continue to operate the only way that they know how to operate. You can try to break God, and train him to do what you tell him, all that you want, but ain’t nobody been able to saddle him yet. I don’t know. You might be the first. You’ll have to let me know how that works out for you.”

I’m certainly no expert on prayer, or anything closely related to religion or spirituality, but I do know a good lesson from a country fella when I hear one. People can argue prayer until the cows come home, but we all can agree, southerners have a wonderful and often humorous way of getting their point across.

Have a great day….y’all.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,



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