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So, after the race on Saturday, Coach said I can just do whatever I want for a couple of weeks.  Yes!!  For me, this usually means jumping into the regular Crossfit classes at the gym.  I enjoy the camaraderie and the competition.  I didn’t go all out starting Monday, I eased into it.  Monday I actually skipped the gym and played in a golf tournament.  That was interesting, walking around all day with sore legs.  It may have been good for me though.  Tuesday I hit the gym:

It was “Tabata Tuesday”

Strength work was Back Squat, but I took it VERY easy and just did a little 3×5 with some light weight.


Tabata Alternate:
  • A1) Push Press (75/45#)
  • A2) Overhead Squats
  • B1) Pushups
  • B2) Thrusters (75/45#)
I did the workout as RX, but took it really easy.  Ended up with only 120 reps.  I felt like I was at about 60%.  I was still a little bit sore, but worked through it.  Wednesday was much better.  I got some good sleep Tuesday night and felt pretty good.  Probably 80%.  WOD was:
5 Rounds:
  • 10 Step Ups with KB (53/35#), alternating legs
  • 10 Pullups
  • 20 KB Swings (53/35#)
I didn’t write down my score and I forgot how long it took me.  I was still sort of trying to take it easy so I wasn’t really concerned with what my time was.  Just focusing on moving.  It was a tough little workout though.  I remember that! 🙂  Thursday I felt like I was ready to rock and roll.  I took it a little easy on the strength work (Push Presses), but tried to attack the workout:
4 Rounds:
  • 20 Wall Ball Shots (20#)
  • 40 Situps
  • 200m Run
All of the 20lb balls got taken, so I ended up actually scaling this up to a 30lb ball!  I hate that thing, but it was awesome.  Finished in 13:41, a pretty respectable time…some wise guy felt like it was “lame” and noted that on the white board!! Haha!
Some people are just jealous I guess!  This morning (Friday) was really good!
Front Squat 1RM
I worked up to 245 lbs., and went for 250 but missed.  That was fine with me considering 1. I just had a long race 6 days ago and 2.  I have never hit that weight on a Front Squat before! 🙂
AMRAP 8 min:
The heavy KB swings made this a little tough.  I got in right at 6 rounds, and I felt really good about that as well.  Anyway,  it’s been a great week and I’m ready for a weekend of rest and possibly a short run if I feel like it.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check out the latest Barbell Shrugged podcast!


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