I got a new car last week. I purchased a 2017 Hyundai Accent. No options. Very basic. The cheapest thing I could find with less than 50k miles on it. My old car was a 2 door Altima. It was a much nicer car in terms of value but I wasn’t a big fan of 2 doors, nor was I a fan of basically picking my fatass up off the floor every time I got out of the low-profile vehicle.

I couldn’t be happier.

I picked my kids up from school for the first time in my brand new, kinda used g-ride. Grayson, in his thirteen-year-old uncaring tone said, “About what I expected.”

Our ten-year-old daughter, Andie, on the other hand, she was amazed. It was all new to her. She was going to like this car. This is not a surprise because she likes everything.

She ran her hands across cheap upholstery and said, “Oooohhhclean, fancy, pretty.” Then she said, “Look, I have my own door to get in the car along with my very own handle….and my very own window…and my own back seat where I can put my backpack.”

Andie is delightful.

I like that word.


Being delightful is rare. I hope that Andie never changes. It will cost her nothing to stay the same. Unfortunately, bitching and complaining is pretty cheap too…and definitely more common.