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  • In the Fall of 2016, I found out I was going to be a father for the first time. I was out of breath with normal day to day activities and seemed to always be low on energy. I had a lot of aches and pains, too. […]

  • I didn’t see the moon last night.

    Does it even exist anymore?

    It has been a few nights since I have paid any attention to the moon. I love to gaze at it when it is full, and it lights up the night sky. I […]

  • I carry an extraordinary amount of keys on my keychain. I don’t know what most of the keys even go to. I keep the old ones on my keychain because they serve as markers for which keys go to what locks.

    I […]

  • Often times, the only difference in a hunk of junk and a hotrod is timing and torque.

    I have always been fascinated by engines. I appreciate the simplicity by which they operate, but also the precision of its […]

  • I am a lover of all things unhealthy. As I have said before, everything that I enjoy is either immoral, unethical, illegal, or high in fat. I have exercised my free will to a trial-period of just about every bad […]

  • Sam Renfrow is a 49 year old father of three from Ripley, Mississippi.  He has been married to his wife, Pamela, for 25 years, and they have three sons.  Tyler (21 years old) is a junior at Mississippi State, Br […]

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Bricks 6 days, 9 hours ago

    Thanks David! I have a friend of mine who likes to say,
    “I never like eating crow, but if I must, I would rather eat it while it’s still warm.”

  • Some see a pile of bricks, while others see a cathedral.

    Every morning, upon awakening, I begin a project. It is a lifelong project that will be built upon each day. The project is titled “Legacy” and we are […]

  • I do not want to be writing this today. I don’t want to do anything. I’m fatigued, I have been eating poorly, I am sleepy and I have no motivation. I just want to lay in bed and hope that life will deliver […]

  • “There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience”
    –French proverb
    My pillow is a destination. At the top of my bed, there is a base, a place where I go to check-in on myself. Within the two softness of the […]

  • I have always felt that the goal was to be comfortable; to work my way into a position that I didn’t have stress or concerns. Today, I feel differently about that.

    I had a mini-breakdown yesterday afternoon. It […]

  • Brian Williams and Sean Hilsdon were our guests on Lift Heavy Run Long® #67. They are organizing a trail race for October of next year, and we discuss what we can expect. I am probably looking forward to this […]

  • Nothing ensures a delay in progress like my being in a hurry.

    I wish there were a statistic that shows the negative relationship between me trying to speed things up versus the efficiency in getting things […]

  • It is not so much the medicine I need, but the poison I need not.

    Over-use causes inflammation.

    Sugar increases anxiety.

    Sodium increases blood pressure.

    Fried foods raise cholesterol.

    Processed […]

  • I have so much to go, so many more miles to run! So much more weight to press and squat and pull! Two years ago I was a stranger to the person I am today. I met my husband a few years ago. He would invite me to […]

  • Wilson Horrell wrote a new post, Stairs 2 weeks ago

    When I was growing up, I dislocated my knee-cap a few times. It is a relatively minor injury, but it is traumatizing as hell, and downright grotesque looking. I had surgery to correct it, but never really got over […]

  • So…


    Well, the thing is…

    What had happened was…


    This hardly ever is the case….

    I really don’t have any words. When Amanda told me that my topic for today would be “Deer”, I […]

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Honey 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    You bet, Roger. Thank you. I know the feeling. You will get to the other side of it.

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Honey 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Thanks David! I have a hard time figuring out which direction the blog is going to go as soon as I hear the word myself. Often times, the direction I go in my head is absurd, but I enjoy picking one and attempting […]

  • My friend Pedro loves honey.

    It’s not even the taste that he enjoys, so much as it is the effort which goes into making it. Making honey is hard work. It’s a slow process that involves a team, with no one bee’s […]

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