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  • Friendship, at it’s highest level, is seldom convenient.

    There is almost never enough people around when it is time to be put on display.

    Being a friend doesn’t mesh nicely with my calendar.

    I rarely feel […]

  • When does being lost officially become a thing?

    At what point can one say that they are definitively “lost”?

    There is no one in the world that has not had the feeling of being lost, on some level, whether it […]

  • There is nothing that symbolizes accomplishment quite like that of a setting sun.

    Scientists estimate that the probability of an individual being born is 400trillion-to-one. I’m not the smartest guy in the […]

  • I didn’t sleep well last night. This is unusual for me. Most evenings it’s lights-out, CPAP, press button, good thoughts, and then it’s morning. Last night was much different.

    I have some uncertainty regarding […]

  • On Episode #60 of the Lift Heavy Run Long Podcast we featured the owners of Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine, Amy Goode and Hailey Thomas.
    When Amy is not beating the streets looking for the next fitness craze, […]

  • Me: “What is the blog topic?”

    Amanda: “Letting go.”

    I wonder why she chose that topic?

    Is she saying I don’t let things go?

    Was that a jab?

    Maybe, she needs to let things go. I let things go. Nobody […]

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Routine 1 week ago

    Thank you so much, Paige! I probably ate 1,5000 Burger King sausage biscuits in my stay at Germantown High School. I don’t think that is an exaggeration.

  • Wilson Horrell wrote a new post, Routine 1 week ago

    “Step one of becoming a millionaire is to make a million dollars.”
    –Steve Martin
    Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?
    I feel as if a lot of the keys to success are packaged pretty neatly. So neatly, in fact, […]

  • I am afraid of the dark.

    I don’t need much light, a candlelight will do.

    Ever since I can remember, I have always been a little spooked when the lights go out. As a child, I always had a nightlight, or […]

  • I have twenty minutes each morning to write a blog post. Amanda gives me a topic, I set a timer for twenty minutes, after which I have an additional ten minutes to clean it up, and get it posted. I don’t have the […]

  • What does it mean to be healthy?

    I’m probably not the guy to be throwing around definitions of health, but I have a pretty good idea of what being healthy looks like in my world.

    There is a vast difference […]

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Pain 1 week, 5 days ago

    Lots of work goes into being the victim, and the pay sucks pretty bad as well.

  • David Lomax is this week’s guest on the LHRL Show Episode #59. David is a native Memphian, who graduated White Station high school in 1995 and went on to play college baseball at Aquinas Junior College and Shelby […]

  • I am the farthest thing from a “tough guy”. I don’t like pain, on any level, ever. Period. End of story.

    Pain is painful…and it hurts.

    Some types of pain I can tolerate more than others, but, for the most […]

  • How much praise is too much?

    Is there a limit to appreciation and the amount of compliments that you pay?

    I don’t think so.

    I believe if I am complimenting something praise-worthy, it is wonderful and […]

  • School is in session. It has either started already, or starts in the upcoming week.

    How much anxiety can I possibly pass on to our, otherwise relaxed, children?

    The first day of school scared me to death […]

  • Thanks David. I always look forward to your responses. I appreciate and enjoy your insight into things. You’re a wise man.

  • The comfort zone is my delusion that I have a certain amount of control over the world around me. It is the theater that I attend to watch the same movie, which I already know the ending. It is the fortress that I […]

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Hills 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    That’s a fine point. I run into quite a bit of moles in the yard care business, but I don’t see many hills. I have seen tree roots actually become fallen Sequoias during the course of 30 miles.
    Thanks Tim!

  • Wilson Horrell commented on the post, Hills 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Thanks David! It does distort the view. I always appreciate you, your comments, and encouragement. Keep doing big things.

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