There are times in life it’s easy to feel like what you’re living in (your job, life, body, spirit) is settled or stuck or fixed. It is only if we say it is. Change isn’t easy for anyone but it is made easier if we view it as an adventure and grab on for the fun ride it can be.

This summer may give you and your family more opportunities to plan adventures and develop new skills. Be inspired and pick something completely different. Take road trip, run a new route, hit some new personal bests in your lifting, learn to cartwheel or do handstand walks, take up back packing, try a duathlon or triathlon, or yoga and meditation. Reach outside of your comfort zone and grab some adventure this year.

No matter how old or young you are, there will always be new experiences waiting for you if you open your eyes far enough to see it. Life is for living outside of the screens in front of us each day. ~Brenda~