I was born in an air-conditioned room. There were educated doctors and highly trained nurses to help deliver me. They had high-tech machines that beep and draw squiggly lines to let them know when things are outta whack.

I sleep in a bed that’s big enough for four that reclines with the push of a button. I have an alarm clock to wake me up on time. I have a light on my nightstand that turns on when I twist a knob. I have water that comes out of a spigot at the turn of a handle and arrows to adjust the temperature. I have an electric toothbrush to clean my teeth, a girl named Alexa who will tell me the temperature outside, and a closet full of clothes (most of which I never wear).

I have a microwave to heat my oatmeal, a toaster to prepare my bread, and a stove to burn my eggs. I have a dishwasher for the dishes and a disposal for the scraps. I put my trash in a can and someone picks it up for me and takes it to a place I don’t ever want to go..

I have a car that starts with the press of a button and a transmission that changes its own gears. I have a radio that will play whatever music I want to hear and a phone that will communicate with whomever I choose. I have mail that is delivered instantly and immediate access to anyone in the world.

I have a job that allows me to be in the sun and enjoy a little exercise. I have customers who are willing to pay me for the privilege of being outside and enjoy freedom. I have a school to educate my children with teachers who have patience and knowledge that I don’t possess. I have coaches who are willing to teach my kids skills that I don’t have and organizers who are willing to assemble the different leagues..

I have a family that loves me, a wife who takes care of me, and children that respect me. I have television to entertain me and a house to protect me. I have food to nourish me and I have water to hydrate me.

…and yet I complain.

I feel like I am being screwed or being treated unfairly or pretend that  I have it harder than the next guy, or that my story is more difficult and more unique. I fear that a president which I will never meet is going to make a decision which I will never understand and somehow affect the good life which I already spent a great deal of my time complaining about.

I have air-conditioning.

How bad is it, really?

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,