Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

That was the standard for things ordered off the tv or from magazines when I was young. 4-6 weeks was a long time to wait but it was expected. Not only did it take 4-6 weeks for delivery but you had to pick up a phone, call, and wait to speak someone to take your order. Or worse off, you had to fill out your order and mail in a check.

Who has the attention span long enough to decide they want something, find it in a catalog, fill out an order form, write a check, hand-address an envelope, apply a stamp, walk to the mailbox and remember to pull up the flag? Today, I’m not sure I would go through that much trouble if my family was being held hostage.

How did anyone even remember that they ordered something 4-6 weeks ago?

Today, the standard delivery time for purchases off of Amazon is about 48 hours, yet I don’t feel that my life has become15X’s more convenient. The only difference is that my expectations are 15X’s higher.

Amazon’s fast delivery times don’t solve problems.

The ability to multi-task using technology doesn’t solve problems.

Self-driving cars will not solve problems.

Convenience does not solve problems.

All these “advancements” simply dangle the carrot just a little further in front. My insistent pleading that a “lack of time” is, in any way, a problem is a farce.

The only real problem I have is the belief that time or technology will solve my problems. The problem is that I don’t take advantage of the now and appreciate the freedom that is in the present.

Contentment can be ordered from a catalog, shipped through Prime, or requested be delivered overnight, but the fastest way to attain is to look within and pick it up.

I don’t know why I try to complicate this to such a large degree. There is only now and I should try to enjoy it.

Practice contentment.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,