I got mad at my kids for being hungry.

True story.

I was angry because they wanted something to eat for breakfast. I was also angry because it was not raining. My weather app said it was going to rain so I made alternative plans for work.

Did I mention that I was originally pissed because they were calling for rain?

Somehow, the fact that it was going to rain caused me to be angry with the fact that it wasn’t raining, which made me angry at my children for waking up and wanting breakfast. Seems perfectly logical to me. It’s logical because I’m mad. All my actions, in the moment, are logical, assuming I am angry enough.

Anger is a tool that I use to provide certainty in an uncertain world. I like certainty. Who doesn’t? Pumped full of enough anger, I am seldom wrong. I don’t think I have ever been angry and wrong at the same time. It’s actually how I avoid acknowledging my wrongdoing.

Anger is the credit card I use to purchase correctness with remorse being the interest. -Tweet this.

It’s funny how a perceived inconvenience can turn into an entire day of irritation.

Have a calm and peaceful day.

And don’t forget to feed your kids.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,