Our daughter is auditioning for the school play this afternoon. I am a ball of nerves. My anticipation is contorting me in a hundred different directions. I am like clay spinning on a potter’s wheel- wobbly and unstable, as my emotions build up.

I am scared.

I am nervous.

I am excited.

I am proud.

Anticipation is the origin of innovation. With anticipation comes a degree of expectation, a level of excitement, and often anxiety, but it usually precedes growth. Anticipating can be dangerous. There is no crystal ball, but our experiences lead us to believe that we can predict the future. No matter how often we are proven wrong, we still believe that we know the outcomes.

Without anticipation there can be no excitement, which removes a great deal of the fun. Anticipation brings feelings which are often unwelcome- stress, worry, fear, and being overwhelmed. Yet, anticipation is the foundation of all the things that bring the most satisfaction- accomplishment, achievement,   and the feeling of pride.

This is what comes with the gift of anticipation. The ability to control how much of each feeling I want to drive my emotions is the part of anticipation which I have not quite mastered, and have a long way to go.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,