If you own it, it’s art.

Our daughter is an artist. She is her own brand. Andie is as authentic, genuine, and unique of a little girl as I have ever seen.

Andie dresses in clothes that move her and draw her in, she plays with kids that accept her and allow her to grow, and she wears her hair in the fashion that she feels compelled. She is an artist. She owns her work and displays it proudly without the need to ask for permission or opinion.

I call our daughter an artist because of her willingness to be herself. If she sings a song and the words aren’t right, she says it’s because she is writing her own song. If she is around kids who are not playing nice, she will own her space and is fine to play by herself. If the project is to draw a bird and she decides to draw an elephant, she will be proud of the elephant because it is her elephant.

Andie is an artist whose best creation is herself. She is proud of her work and she is gifted in the piece she is creating. I don’t know if she values the creativity and originality that goes into creating herself but it is really fun to watch.

I like to watch our daughter create herself because it is a good reminder that I am an artist as well and my canvas can be of whatever medium I choose and look however I want it to look. My life is my art if I choose to own it.

Don’t try to be a replicate.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,