First on the list is the latest Technique WOD.  “Shrugging under the bar…”

Then the latest Barbell Shrugged episode!  I hope you are all watching or listening to this vlog/podcast.  In the latest edition, the guys talk with (Friend of Lift Heavy Run Long) Justin Metts of Rotary Strength and Conditioning (Home of Crossfit Eastern Shore) down in Alabama.  They talk about opening a crossfit gym, supplements and other awesome stuff.

Also, Chris Moore’s latest:  Give me something to believe in…  (In short, believe in the power of music, and your plan)

Our friend Mike McGoldrick continues to post his unbelievable workouts.  I get a kick out of reading them, go check out his training blog.  I’m looking forward to watching him work his way to the 2013 Crossfit Games.  Fo Sho!