I was recently involved in a conversation which some folks were discussing the overuse/misuse of some of these words. People seemed to be in agreement that words like amazing, epic, awesome, hilarious, miraculous, and unbelievable should be saved for special occasions. There was a feeling that the words should be somehow qualified and not so freely tossed about.

Although I understand the point being made, and have even had the same thought, I decided to take a different approach. I appreciate the people who freely throw about these big, energetic types of words, more so than I do the unimpressed and indifferent, who typically just shrug their shoulders, cock their head, and let out a snobby, “hmm”, whenever life performs a trick.

To me, these words fit into the vocabulary of the energetic, the passionate, and those who want to find wonder and astonishment in this world. These are not words of the boring, dull, or apathetic. These are not terms used by those of us who believe that life has somehow dealt us the short straw, or feel that we are owed something. These are big words, grand words; words for those of us filled with life and a zest for it.

You see, I think that waking up rested in the morning is awesome. The fact that I am free to make any number of decisions, good or bad, in order to keep my existence interesting, and pursue whatever endeavor I care to follow, leaves me believing that my life is epic. The people around me, who are full of life, good humor, and possess the self-awareness to not take themselves to seriously, and have a good laugh, even at their own expense, are hilarious. The reality that my life has been turned around from a place that involved such a degree of sadness, loneliness, and depression, in exchange for community, high energy, and passion is miraculous. And, the idea that I can continue to grow, learn, accept, and appreciate all that life has to offer, up until my heart stops beating, if that is what I consciously decide to do, is unbelievable.

I want to remain in constant fascination with what is taking place in my world.  I am free to be as amused or unaffected by this existence as I choose to be. I can thumb my nose, complain about my circumstances, and remain envious about the accomplishments of those around me, or I can remain in a state of childlike fascination, wonder, and appreciation for the accomplishments of those around me.

Energy, amazement, and appreciation are in abundant supply. My life is as mundane or miraculous as I choose to make it. I will not wait for the world to fascinate me, but choose to be fascinated with the world and what goes on in it.

Today is gonna be awesome.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,