I’m still not back on my regular program.  I’m having a lot of fun doing the regular Crossfit classes at Faction.  Maybe next week we’ll be back in action with the Lift Heavy Run Long program! 🙂  I may try to run this weekend.  There’s a fun 15K race in November that I always do, and I may try to go over and run that route Saturday or Sunday.  Anyway, here’s what today looked like:

Find 5RM Back Squat; 2 x 5 @ 90%

I worked up to 255 5 Rep Max.  I’m not sure if that’s a PR or not.  I’ve gotten 295 for 3 before, but I can’t remember the last 5RM I did.  I’ll have to go check.  255# felt pretty good.  I did the 2 x 5 @ 235.

On to the MetCon…

3 Rounds

  • 20 Wall Ball Shots (20/16)
  • 30 Squats
  • 400M Run

We ran out of 20# wallballs, so I used a 16# ball and wore a 20# weigh vest!  Wow, what an idea, huh?  This was the first time that I had ever ran with a weight vest on, and it was tough.  I need to buy one of those things and start running in them regularly.  It really makes a HUGE difference.  On the scale I weighed 188lbs, so with the vest was 208lbs!  I made it through the workout in 12:35.  I did not win.  It was fun though.  All in all, another great day at the gym.