In case you weren’t aware, I broke my foot (not in the gym I dropped a piece of concrete on it) about 6 0r 7 weeks ago.  I wore a boot for about 6 weeks and now I’m easing back into training.  Maybe I’m not 100% running yet, but I felt really good training today!  I pushed it a little bit more today doing heavy deadlifts, box jumps, and double unders. The foot felt REALLY good the whole training session.  I was super happy that I had no pain and no issues today.  When I first broke my foot, I was devastated.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to run or really train like I’ve been training in the past.  It was very, very discouraging.  Today I felt like I’m able to come back full force.  I’ve been training off and on for the last six weeks, but never quite felt really good about any of it.  My foot hurt and mentally I was a wreck.  Luckily I was pre-occupied with opening our gym and that gave me something else to think about.  So, anyway, I’m shooting for another 50 Miler in April.  I think that’s a reasonable goal after breaking a foot.  We’ll see how it goes…

Strength Work Today

  • Deadlift 3RM; 5 x 3 @ 90%

Worked up to a 365# 3Rm. Not my best, I’ve done 385#.  However, I’m happy with that since I haven’t pulled any real weight in a while.


12 Minute AMRAP

  • 5 Ring Pushups
  • 10 Box Jumps 20″ Box
  • 15 Double Unders

Box jumps felt AWESOME!  No pain in the foot at all!  The doubleunders were just ok.  This is one my favorite movements and since I haven’t been able to really do them at all for a while I wasn’t able to go all unbroken.  The last two rounds I got unbroken though!  Normally I could bang out 15 reps of DU’s all day long so there’s going to be some work to do on those.  I got 6 rounds plus 10 box jumps in 12 minutes.  I tried to squeeze in one double under but didn’t make it!

My son nailed a handstand while I was at the gym as well.  That’s pretty cool: