Bacon doesn’t owe you an explanation.

My grandparents cooked everything in bacon grease. There was a self-filling jar of white lard that sat next to the kitchen sink that acted as the bridge between bland and beautiful. Fat, lard and bacon grease didn’t give you high-cholesterol in those years because cholesterol had not yet been invented. People died from old age and natural causes, not high-cholesterol and arrhythmias. Back then, no one had anything bad to say about bacon. Guess what….

…they still don’t.

There is nothing you can say that is bad about bacon. And, if you do, it’s an obvious cry for help because someone has obviously hurt you in a most traumatic way and you need professional help. People have tried to argue that bacon was unhealthy but most of them have been looking to prove themselves insane so they could continue drawing a government check. No rational person, caring Christian, experienced attorney, or educated doctor has ever fought against the goodness of bacon. Bacon saves lives, unites countries, and demonstrates love on a global level.

How many bad people have ever cooked you bacon?

How many murder movies start or end with a person lying dead in a pie of bacon?

How often do you curl up in a blanket and cry while eating a bowl of bacon?

Bacon is its own defense. You cannot knock it off its pedestal because it never asked to be placed on one. We can remove this independent food group from the trophy case and it will not phase the bacon itself, because the bacon knows that we will place it back on display in a short while. Bacon doesn’t know how to act because it was born on center stage. It has always held the spotlight so it doesn’t know how to be a supporting role. It is the support, the costume, the design, the symphony, and the lead role. It is the hero in a play that has no villain because no one is foolish enough to contest it.

It seems like people attempt to bash just about everything, especially in the field of fitness and nutrition. Most folks just leave bacon alone. They know better. You can drop all the science you want about the health effects of bacon but bacon only knows one thing….and that is how to fry.

Bacon doesn’t try to fit in because it knows that it belongs. It doesn’t try to be the best because it doesn’t know what it feels like to be anything different. Bacon doesn’t try to win because it doesn’t know what it means to lose. It doesn’t explain itself because there is nothing to defend. Bacon doesn’t try to make friends because it has no enemies. It doesn’t ask for attention because it doesn’t understand loneliness. Bacon doesn’t try to show off because it only knows prestige. Bacon doesn’t try to gain acceptance because it only knows inclusion.

Bacon doesn’t know how to be anything but bacon and that is what makes it so great.

Be bacon.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,