Lick your wrist and smell it.

You ever heard of this?

I was told to lick the bottom of my wrist and then stick it to my nose and smell. This is supposed to give you an idea of what your breath smells like. I tried it.

Holy mother of God- it was bad.

Turns out my breath smells like what I would imagine if you took Joe Frazier’s jockstrap after the thirteenth round of the Thilla┬áin Manilla, mixed it with some old eggs and fresh garlic, then put it in my kid’s lunchbox with some spoiling chocolate milk and let it sit in a sauna for a month. It was horrid. It was way beyond sneezing on a piece of notebook paper.

I had no idea.

I had no idea something could smell so bad. I certainly had no idea that something could smell so rotten that was right under my nose.

I guess when I’m stuck so close with something for such a long period of time it’s hard to see how bad it can really stink.

I wonder what it would smell like if I could lick all of my character traits and get a good sniff. It probably wouldn’t be too pleasant. I’m too close to my imperfections and too busy focused on yours to really get a good idea of how unpleasant some of my characteristics really are.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to walk out of the room, step back in, take a get look in the mirror and get a good whiff. It might not be the other person’s breath that I have been smelling as much as it is my own.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,