According to the gorilla, you open your bananas from the wrong end. You do it incorrectly. The gorilla probably thinks that you are a dumb monkey.

The ant thinks you eat too much of the banana; he doesn’t understand why you take such big bites. The ant believes you are a pig.

The bat doesn’t think you should be eating that banana in the daylight. The nighttime is for eating; the daytime is for sleeping. The bat thinks you are a dodo bird.

Everyone is not going to agree with how you do things. Naturally, we believe that the way we do things is right and, under the right circumstances, it might be. I need to be open to different, more efficient ways of doing things but I am also allowed my own methods. No one has the right “right” way for all situations.

Be your own animal.

Do things your way.




Find your own way.

Unless you are locked in a cage with a gorilla…in which case, do it like the gorilla tells you.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,