I have always felt that I was designed for a life of leisure. I would function best if I had servants to throw open my curtains in the morning, people to draw my bath, seamstresses to make my clothes, and chefs to prepare my meals. Amanda and I began watching The...

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"Whenever one door closes, another door opens." Nahh. I don't really see things this way. I don't expect for God, the universe, my wife, or the bathroom attendant to open the doors for me. I see that there are always multiple doors, multiple options, with multiple...

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I sweat. Heavy sweater here. Like, big ol nasty, juicy, drippy, messmakin, looking like a St. Bernard drooling kind of sweater. I have always been a guy who sweats a lot when I workout. At 290lbs, I was in this little 24-hour gym doing everything I knew to try to get...

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I have a strong belief in God. Not in a, "I know more than you do" or "He is gonna condemn you to hell" or "I read this somewhere so you better do it" or "He speaks to me in an English accent with an echo" kind of belief in God, but a solid belief that there something...

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Confusion is the chaos that ensues when my ego is attempting to fight its way out of a tough spot. My biggest fear is that people will think I am stupid and I will be exiled to Stupid Island to die with all of the other stupid people. I will do anything to not look...

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Some of my unhappiest times have been when I was most secure. My depression was greatest when I had the most money, my business was functioning independently from me, and most of what I had asked for in life had come to fruition. I don't guess I can really explain it,...

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