Here’s the definition of the word grateful:  “Appreciative of benefits received.”  A forum thread got started on the Barbell Shrugged Overtime website yesterday and the instructions were to post everyday 3 things for which you are grateful.  This is a fun little exercise, and if you aren’t use to thinking much about the good things around you then this can be super helpful.  In fact, if you are one that often finds yourself with a negative mindset, you might have a really hard time with this.  If you catch yourself often saying things like this:

“If only this would happen”


“if only I could just have more of this or that, things would be so much better for me”

If you find yourself saying those kinds of things a lot, then this exercise is something that you need to really think seriously about trying out everyday.  

I’ve been doing a version of this for a while now, I think I stole it from one of my friends. What I do is write in my journal every morning 3 things that were awesome about yesterday, and 3 things that are going to be awesome about the day that is ahead of me.  This allows me to focus on the good things that have happened to me the day before, and also sets the stage for a positive day.  Before I walk out the door and start my day, I already have 3 awesome things I’m thinking about that are going to happen that day.  These things don’t have to be huge life changing things (although they certainly can be sometimes).  They just need to be something positive or something that you are grateful for having in your life.  Here is an example straight from my own journal:  “Yesterday was awesome because 1. It was Masters Sunday and I got to watch a little golf. 2.  I played a fun game of Basketball with Jackson (my son).  And 3.  We talked about “love languages” at church.  Today is gonna be awesome because 1.  I get to coach some really awesome people at the gym.  2.  I am gonna pay my CrossFit affiliate dues and 3.  I get to start thinking about buying some equipment for the gym.  Squat racks, plates, etc.”

See?  Nothing crazy, just some good, positive and fun vibes to start the day. So, what are you grateful for?  What benefits are you appreciative to have received? Go grab a piece of paper and write them down.   Look at them and study them.  Write down three more tomorrow, and continue the process.  I think you will be surprised at how this small exercise can change your attitude and your perspective.  Especially if you are someone that tends to focus on the more negative aspects of your life.  If you are having hard time, just start simple.  Be grateful that you are here and alive and get to live another day.  Be grateful that you are able to lift weights or run.  The  more comfortable you get with writing down positive things and focusing on them, the more you will start to notice them.  So, go for it. Start right now and give us three things in the comments of this post or on Facebook that you are grateful for.  I can’t wait to read them. 🙂