Be mindful of the seagull- the seagull boss, manager, partner, co-worker, and friend.

The seagull is the one who intently watches you put in all the work and labor towards progress, only to occasionally swoop-in and shit on everything.

The seagull has no suggestions as to how to advance, create or implement, but has only criticisms for what should have been done differently.

The seagull is critical of your world and blind to their own.

The seagull arrives when the table has been set and the food is being served, then complains that the meal is not the right temperature, only to fly away again.

The seagull doesn’t understand that if he offers no front-end suggestions then back-end criticisms are not welcome. They are only there because they have no place else to be and they haven’t the drive to map-out a course of their own.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,