As a member of the LHRL Big boys squad, I obviously love pastries and pancakes.  I am fortunate to live in a city where such delicacies are easy to come by; London. Pavement (sidewalk) is also incredibly easy to come by. However, when you weigh 260lbs, pavement isn’t your friend. Pavement is to your knees, what this premium pancake addiction is to your wallet. Nothing but trouble.

But what is a big boy to do?

Sure, I can drive out of town, find somewhere with some trails and grass? That would be all well and good, except I don’t have a car anymore (Damn expensive, delicious pastries!). This conundrum has led me to delve into google maps, searching endlessly for any hints of green amongst the otherwise densely concreted metropolis of the city.

Every time I want to run, it’s a battle to find soft ground. So, to all my fellow heavy-lifter and long-runners, think of me, when you are flowing through the forests or gorgeous trails of your towns; I’m probably plodding around 6 sq ft of dead grass, dodging broken bottles and used needles. Glamorous I know, But if you love to run, you’ll find a way.

Written by: Max KH
YouTube: The Chocolate Milk Champ