Is that how you spell it, bocci?

I don’t really know. It’s not important.

The first time I played bocci ball was about two weeks ago, while vacationing on the beach. A friend of ours invested about $15 bucks on a set which includes six grapefruit sized balls and a heavy ping pong ball. The goal of the game is to….enjoy yourself. At least, that’s how we played it.

We didn’t read the instructions for bocci ball. It wasn’t necessary. We took the resources we had in front of us, surrounded ourselves with good people, and made up the rules as we went. At times, we had to bend, and establish new rules. Sometimes, as precedents were set, we had to discuss implementing new rules or over-ruling established ones. But overall, the rules took care of themselves.

Life can be this simple.

The laws have already been set. We have little control over those. However, the rules are generally ours to make. I am guilty of letting society make the rules of how I should live my life. In society, there are too many rules and too many gray areas. It’s too confusing, and I don’t like playing that game.

I’d like to keep it simple. I would like to play my own game. The existing game, with the existing rules, doesn’t seem to be working for a lot of people. It certainly wasn’t a game that I enjoyed playing for a lot of years.

My new game is this:

Obey the laws.

Surround myself with good people.

Live within a reasonably flexible set of rules.

Enjoy the game.

***Side note—I have learned that Gordon D. can be trusted in almost every of life unless it concerns bocci ball. I have also learned that Drew W. cannot be trusted…ever.***

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,