I am far from sophisticated.

In fact, not only am I not a “cultured” man, I probably lean more towards sloppy, disheveled, and a little bit redneck. I do not have an ear for music, and have no background into the finer arts. However, I know badass sh*t when I hear it. And, this weekend at the Memphis Symphony Orchestra….I heard some badass sh*t.

While all of the music was really good, there was one lady in particular who really blew my skirt up. She was the violinist. During the performance, she had a solo.  I swear to God I had not ever heard the violin sing like that. It sounded so sweet I could taste it, and she pulled so smoothly that I had to remember to breath. Dammit, this lady could play that thing.

During the middle of her solo, I paused to appreciate having my family sitting around me, as well as all of the good things that have been placed in my lap. Suddenly, it made perfect sense to me why people feel so passionately about the orchestra. I could somehow make the perfect comparison between a night at the symphony and an afternoon at an SEC football game. There was a perfect peace.

At one point, somewhere in the middle of the violinist’s solo, after she had alreadyplaced me under her spell, she began to slowly descend in notes. As she continued to go deeper, I could feel myself, almost involuntarily, dropping my head and sinking my body down and to the left. It felt great. I was helping her along with some good, old-fashioned body English. I wanted her to succeed. We were on a team and I was doing my part.

I am a firm believer in body English and the effectiveness it can play in one’s life. There are thousands of times where I can argue that it worked, and few instances where I can blame the result on a lack thereof. My putting body English into the violinist’s performance helped me to feel “part of”. It helped to bridge a connection where I felt that we were in this together. It made me feel like I had a vested interest in her success and the beauty of the music that she created.It helped increase the intensity and the power behind her performance.

I believe that it’s important to invest and take ownership in awesome and beautiful things that take place every day. I think that my intentions, my beliefs, my attitude, and my willingness to “lean in” to the day can affect the outcomes.

Have some passion. Come at the day full-throttle. Lean into the good with all of the body English you can physically muster. Find some ownership in the good things that are in your life and expect more to follow.

Lean into today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,