I have a strong belief in God. Not in a, “I know more than you do” or “He is gonna condemn you to hell” or “I read this somewhere so you better do it” or “He speaks to me in an English accent with an echo” kind of belief in God, but a solid belief that there something good in this world who helps me to “keep my ox out of the ditch” kind of God. I haven’t always seen things this way.

I have broken over seven bones in my body. As I child, I was always in a cast. Soccer, football, skateboarding, baseball, and overall “horsing around” kept me wrapped up a lot. In time, those bones always healed.

Bones are a magnificent thing, really. If you break a bone and put it back together it won’t stay unless you care for it, keep it close, and pay proper attention to it. I never really thought too much about bones or how they heal until my spirit was snapped in two.

When my spirit was broken, I cared for it. For the first time in my life, I cared for it, kept it close, and paid it proper attention. I found I needed an aggregate to join the two. My spirit and my body just wouldn’t mend without something to join them together.

Much like my bones needed a supply of blood and the chemicals that are necessary for healing, my spirit needed a God in order to find some freedom.

As my friend, Dan Koloski once told me, “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape or a hammer, you have an electrical problem.” While that seems to be true most all of the time, in matters affecting the soul the tool you’re looking for might just be a little bit of faith.

…but whatta I know?

Have an outstanding day.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,