I went to the store on Wednesday. The very nice lady behind the counter seemed to know all of her customers by name. As she vistited with another lady, I overheard the customer say,

“Are you having a large gathering at your house with a big spread of food?”

The owner of the store, in her deepest southern drawl replied, “Well, ya know, I am having everyone over but my family is so helpful that I bout have it down to green beans- everything else is taken care of.”

I liked the sound of that….

“….bout got it down to green beans.”

I feel like my friends and family allow me to keep it down to green beans. There is no extra work, extra drama, and no undue stress. My environment is helpful and everyone is willing to do their part. Everyone has their own dish and cleans their own corner.

It made me wonder- if having company makes things difficult, why would we keep inviting them over?