Amanda and I went to see Wicked this week at the Orpheum Theater. It was solid. I don’t know anything about theater but I know what it looks like to be passionate about what you do.

The Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tn. is not exactly Broadway but you could not have convinced Elphie the bad witch or Glinda the good of this. They were spectacular. It was clear to everyone in the audience that they possessed a chemistry between them and a profound love of performing. You could feel it.

I love to watch people who perform as if they have no destination because they have already arrived. These are the people who are at the top of their game regardless of the venue.

My brother has never turned down an opportunity to pick up a guitar and perform. Every performance is a Broadway musical. Every den is┬áCarnegie Hall. Every barroom is Madison Square Garden. And every patio is Red Rocks Amphitheater. He loves to play music. It’s undeniable. I watch him sing Christmas Carol’s in the den of my ninety-year-old great-Aunt’s house with the same gusto that he plays at music festivals.

When my brother plays music, he has nowhere to be because he is already there. He cannot be distracted by a phone call from Broadway when he is busy performing in someone’s living room. He is 100% invested in the moment and would consider it stealing if he gave less than his all in front of any audience, and it shows. He can’t help it and can’t change it because passion is its own motor that combusts on a fuel that is produced from within, and a spark which cannot be made synthetically. Passion need not be defined for those who are passionate.

I heard Henry Rollins say,

“Every time you perform, you have to give them everything you got. You have to give them your best. If you can’t give them your best, then give them your worst, but you must give them something.”

Passion is what it looks like to arrive at the top before anyone even knew you were coming.

Ignite passion.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,