The older we get the chances of having our cake and eating it too grow less likely as it relates to training and competing without proper recovery. I was chatting with another LHRL lady last night and she mentioned how much she wants to run all the big races and still run her normal miles each day and week. She’s being wise and giving her body time to rest and recover from a couple tremendous races. This isn’t something many endurance athletes are able to do without learning the hard way what happens when you have the cake and then eat it all at the same time. Overuse injuries, burnout, chronic fatigue, poor appetite, and the list goes on.

The LHRL podcasts hosts had a great discussion on the podcast, episode #198, about how sometimes not doing anything specific is the best thing you can do. Workout, run, lift, do what you like. Eat the cake. Enjoy life. Hasn’t the pandemic taught us that nothing is guaranteed and we need to do what makes us happiest? If training for an event is what makes you happy, do that, too. Find the balance that fits you and your life right now. Don’t focus on forever. Focus on now. Now, I want cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting, if you please. ~Brenda~