I remember being upset that math teachers wouldn’t allow us to use calculators to solve problems. They would say, “Well, you are not going to have a calculator with you everywhere you go.”

It turns out they were wrong. We do have calculators with us at all times but that is not really the point.

My teachers were right to make us solve the problems without the use of calculators. Learning to solve problems is what helps me find and understand the solution. More importantly, working to find solutions is what helps me identify the real problem, and usually leads me to the right question.

It seems as if the solution to my problems is to continue searching for the solution. As I continue further down the equation, many times I have identified the wrong problem which changes the question. The less frustrated I become at the time I spent invested trying to solve the wrong equation, the more I can appreciate being led closer to the right questions.

Having problems to solve is an opportunity to find the right questions, thus the right answer. If at any point, I have the solution to all of my questions and problems do not exist, then I am left with nothing.

I have a need for problems, complications, equations, and questions. Without them, there is only existence. If there is only existence, there is no purpose.

Find purpose.

Appreciate problems and the solutions they contain.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,