I like the direction that this country is going.

I realize how crazy that sounds but I think that a positive future lay ahead.

Granpa Bigotballs is dying and so are his small-minded views. People are looking past his teachings and learning to think for themselves. The kids- the ones who keep their faces planted in their electronic screens all day- have learned to form their own opinions in a much larger world. They have too much information at their disposal to believe in your bullshit rhetoric. The world in which they exist does not learn in the same fashion as the traditional dinner table where you are safe to voice your racially-biased opinions in a room where people are expected to agree with you. The children are free to see things on their own and they don’t agree with your mindset.

I listened to my children mocking their elders for trying to passively instill their prejudiced thoughts. Even at ages 14 and 11, my kids thought the older folks sounded like babbling idiots and spoke of them in a tone that sounded like that of pity. That is change.  That is real change.

The Mississippi state flag will soon change. I do not know when but as soon as the new voices can outweigh that of the old money, that thing is toast. Bigotry will lose and the only place that you will be able to speak like a racist will be in small rooms where you are most sure that everyone in them is equally as ignorant as you. Those rooms are growing smaller and fewer. You are losing and looking silly in the process. Each day, a little less bold with your words and opinions but never bold enough to stand up for your ignorance and hatred….at least not without some sort of justifiable caveat as a fallback in case the room does not agree.

I have no doubt that we will blow this world into a million pieces because of some level of idiocracy and I will likely be as much a part as anyone else but I don’t think that racism and prejudice thinking is going to be what does us in.

If we are going to hate people for ridiculous things, I take an odd pleasure in knowing that we are doing it on an individual basis and albeit equally ignorant reasons, those reasons will not be based on the color of one’s skin.

The old ways of thinking are dying as fast as the old folks who preached them.

You lost.

Peace, Love and all things Beef related,