Hey. It’s been a while. I thought I’d check in. They used to say “the world is going to hell in a handbasket.” Today’s version of that might be “the entire world is a dumpster fire.” That might be true to a certain extent, but I want to believe that most people fall into a nice logical category where they can consider another person’s opinion and…..skrrrrrrrrrrt….who am I kidding? We’re in trouble. Nobody knows how to do that and we’re doomed.

2020, wow!

I started branding my posts “Empathic Strength” for a reason. I learned a big, big lesson last year in Canada. I got broke. Seriously broke. You can read about it or listen to me talk about it. Ever since I came home from that experience I’ve had a different perspective. It’s based on empathy. The definition of empathy is not complicated, it’s simply “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” It’s a very simple definition, but if you REALLY spend some time thinking about it, it can knock you on your ass.

An athlete kneels. A protestor holds up a sign. A person who lost their job demands a check from the government because they can’t feed their family. Your neighbor yells at you because you haven’t mowed your lawn in two weeks. That guy at the gym keeps cheating reps during the workout. Someone comments on facebook that you are a sheep because you wear a mask. Any situation applies really. Do you ever consider what that person is feeling and what’s going on with them? What’s that person’s day been like? Who raised them and what was their upbringing like? You never know. You just never know, but do yourself a favor and start considering it. Try having some empathy and considering the feelings of other people and try to understand them.

Look, I know it’s not easy. It seems to even be the hardest with the people I love the most. I find myself daily having to do a gut check on myself and get myself back in line. I might find myself yelling at my Son for something really stupid and I have to sit with it for a second and consider that he’s just a 14 year old boy and that’s a hard thing in and of itself. So the next time you feel that inner Karen or Chad coming out, before you ask to see the manager, consider the day that the cashier has had first. Before you lash out at someone on facebook, consider the day that they’ve had and what that person might be experiencing. Maybe just say a kind word instead and go about your business of being awesome. Because you are awesome….and loved.

-The Rev

P.S. – I’m back to training, and I’m excited about it! I pulled a 315 deadlift this week and did an Rx workout that required a 155 lbs clean to front squats that made me feel like a badass again. I’m gonna keep on training and may post more about it, and I’ve got some cool St. Jude fundraising stuff coming up too, so keep following. 🙂 #LHRL