Life changes and the wagons we pull with us through life changes as well but we often don’t recognize that and the importance of the change. We also don’t recognize that sometimes you have to choose a different wagon.

Kids in your house? Your wagon is loaded with their activities, their needs, and your own lack of sleep and self care.

Caregiver to a loved one? Your wagon is loaded with a multitude of stress and distraction and worry.

Empty nest? Your wagon is the lightest and most fun it’s ever been, possibly.

We often use the phrase “fell off the wagon”. We perceive ourselves to have let go of things that are important to us such as quality nutrition and fitness. Maybe the wagon isn’t something you fall off but it’s something you need to swap out as life changes. Choose your new wagon before you fall off. Make adjustments in life and stay on the wagon you choose.

My wagon right now is the fun of an empty nest swapped out with stress as a caregiver. I change up wagons daily and sometimes multiple times a day. I am always pulling my self care wagon at the front of the wagon train, though. I can’t fall off that one because it’s critical for me. What wagon are you pulling right now? Is it time to pull a new one for a while?