The comfort zone is my delusion that I have a certain amount of control over the world around me. It is the theater that I attend to watch the same movie, which I already know the ending. It is the fortress that I have built from bricks made of the belief that I can predict the future based of my past. My safety zone is the gas station which sells the fuel that allows me to go nowhere, yet cruise at a comfortable pace.

The comfort zone is a prison. It’s a prison which houses all of my possessions, but doesn’t allow me outside of it’s walls. Sometimes, I pretend that my safety zone is a fortress which keeps all the bad things away. The reality is that when I reside in the safety zone, I am my own prisoner. I cannot leave or progress, yet troubles have a visitor’s pass and are welcome to enter at any time.

Living life outside of my comfort zone leaves me exposed and vulnerable…precisely the way I was made to live. I need the floodgates of opportunity to be as wide open as possible. Opportunity is exciting, and I thrive on excitement. With opportunity comes trial and with trial comes failure, and with failure comes experience, and with experience comes more opportunity. Peppered throughout opportunity is success which blends in with the failure. Often times, success is dressed as failure and just needs time to take it’s clothes off.

With every opportunity comes with it the feeling of newness, which inherently comes with at least a small amount of joy. The more joy I find in opportunity, the more willing I am to expose myself to the world which is constantly churning out new and exciting opportunities.

Living in my comfort zone is to try and avoid failure….but failure is living in my comfort zone.

A fulfilled life is of not knowing what happens next, but remaining in a state of constant curiosity to see what lies ahead.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,