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Content and Contentment

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” –Albert Einstein

Some would argue the authenticity of the above quote as it relates to being an Albert original, but I don’t think it’s really that important, certainly not for this blog anyway. I like what I have heard quoted by ole Al, whether he said any of it or not. I believe things the way that I want them to be anyway, and it seems that reality generally catches up with my way of thinking in some form or another somewhere down the line. I was conversing with a friend of mine about one of my blog posts. We were discussing what he took from it, and what I got from writing it. We both agreed that you don’t see many blogs which are updated with a great amount of regularity (I don’t see them because I honestly don’t read blogs very often…which is ironic…I guess..maybe not.) My friend and I both concluded that posting regular blog entries was difficult because it was hard to find enough CONTENT for which to write. I have had a few people inquire as to how long I can continue coming up with content. I don’t have the answer to this. I consider it not only a challenge but, at this stage in my life, an obligation of sorts; not so much to blog, but to look for the content in life. Most of what makes the content part so easy is that I don’t really blog about anything in particular. I don’t have a particular area of interest, so I just sort of babble. Most any idiot can babble, or at least be taught to do so. The other aspect of my life which I believe provides a pretty massive supply of “content” is my level of “contentment”. ***ADHD Tangent Alert-I have NO idea if contentment is a derivative of content, as I am not a scholar of the English language, nor are most people who frequently use the words “y’all”, “fixin”, and “mutherfucker”. I have to Google approximately 70% of all words greater than 2 syllables and rely heavily on spell check, as well as y’alls manners to not point out my mistakes. End Tangent***

Anyways, back to “content” as it relates to “contentment”. The conversation that I was having with my friend was focused around what writing has done for me mentally and the way that I perceive things in my life. With my eyes always open for new content for which to write about, I am always looking for what is interesting and positive about my day. Nobody wants to hear me complain about the bills I can’t pay, or the back that hurts, or the family member pissing me off, or the kid who is sick, or the diet that isn’t working, or the pipes that are leaking. Most people can go into any room of their house or any store down the street if they want to hear someone complaining. Up until the last few years ago my life was a constant gripe session, and if I’m not careful, it can be that way again. When I go through each day and look at everything that is miraculous in my life, well, all I see is miracles. I love the quote, “in the eyes of the hammer, everything’s a nail”, well when I look for miracles, it all seems pretty miraculous.I have had a lot of help in pointing out the positives in what I see as problems, so I think it only courteous to try to put these things into practice.

Yesterday, I ran into my friend Drew Womack and his son Jake at the post office. It probably seems pretty mundane and ho-hum, possibly a bit random and coincidental, but not earth shattering. We had a brief conversation. We discussed the contents of our parcels which we were having shipped. Drew invited me to lunch, which I had to decline. Jake and I discussed the similarities between the Yoda on his shirt, and the appearance of his dad’s face. Jake was adamant that it was in fact Yoda, but I’m still leaning on the theory that Drew printed a selfie on his son’s tee shirt.  We said our goodbyes and we parted ways. No biggie, right? Well, I didn’t see it that way. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I think it was God and the universe showing me how fortunate of a person that I am. I got to see Drew and his healthy, energetic son, albeit with a double ear infection, but without the infection, I miss out on the opportunity to see him, so there you go. Another bit of content to add to my contentment was that Drew was nice enough enough to ask me to lunch. Now he didn’t offer to buy me lunch, but he asked if I wanted to join them. I don’t want to make too many assumptions, but I am pretty sure I could have squeezed a biggie sized combo out of him if I really needed it. Which leads to another miracle, I don’t need it. I have been afforded a position in life, if only for today, where I can afford a meal of my own, and even the ability to buy one for someone else if need be. This leads me to my next miracle. The miracle may or may not be that I saw Drew and Jake at the post office, depending on how you want to perceive it, but what Drew was doing at the post office is to me nothing more of further proof that there is, in fact, a some form of a God who works through us, whether that be in the post office or across the world. Drew was mailing off clothes, pictures, and postcards to a lady in Carolina, who would then take these articles with her as she traveled to Honduras to help the less fortunate. I was watching someone’s miracle unfold in front of me. I get it, it wasn’t exactly child birth, but to me it was powerful. Everything is powerful. The fact that I associate with people who take time out of their lives, and money out of their budget to help people across the world is just mind numbing. I didn’t ask to know people like this, they are placed in front of me in places like post offices, and bike shops, and gyms, and churches, and trails. They are everywhere, just waiting on me to meet them, and I want to be as clear headed and bright eyed as possible, so I will know to look for them, and be glad when I meet their acquaintance. There was a time, not too long ago, that the hope I was looking for from the post office was the hope that my order of Valium was going to arrive from the overseas pharmacy. My hope and happiness was dependent on synthetic products in packages like this. The miracle today is that hope is not packaged up, but seemingly unboxed and spilling out of every door that I open.

I go to the gas station and I think the price of gas is a miracle. I hear people bitch about the price when it is high, because our President is this and that, conversely when the price is low, it means our economy is unstable and our President is this and that. I think it is a miracle that I have a car to put gas in, let alone roads to drive on! I think that if you wanted me to get a gallon of gas from the center of the earth, refine it, drum it, haul it across the ocean, and put it in your car…it’s gonna cost you more than a couple of bucks a gallon (I don’t care how many Kroger points you got). And while you are bitching about the cost of fruit, once again, if i’m gonna climb a tree for a bushel of bananas and bring them to your kitchen, it’s gonna cost you…and i’m gonna be hungry, and need to nap on your couch. A friend of mine said, “the next time that you doubt the existence of God, try eating a man made apple.” I did not mean to get off on some tangent as it pertains to “God” or whatever you call it, as my beliefs are far from orthodox and the accuracy of those beliefs are even farther from proven or fact based. What I DID mean to get off on was a tangent of gratitude about the abundance of good that is available through perspective. I live in a world of abundance that is so full of good things and cool opportunities. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable to step out and make the most out of what is put in front of me, but if its at the risk of just looking a bit foolish, or possibly failing…well I’m willing to take my chances. I appreciate SO MUCH all of the positive support and feedback that I have received through my writing. It has really given me a new appreciation to what I have been given in this life. The responsibility of waking up each day and finding content to write about has provided me with a level of contentment and satisfaction that I never dreamed possible.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,