Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat sugar, though. Kiwi has lots of fiber, which is good, but it also has lots of sugar, which is bad…I think. I read this in an article.

Watch out for avocados; they are high in fat….but good fat. Fat is good, except it will kill you. There was an article about it.

Eating fat will give you high cholesterol, which will kill you…except now they say cholesterol doesn’t kill you, I think. Maybe it’s just the bad cholesterol. The other cholesterol is good…I’m pretty sure. Or maybe it’s the inflammation. So, stay away¬†from inflammation. There have been articles published about it.

Can we eat corn? I read that we should…and shouldn’t. Corn is still a vegetable, I’m almost positive, and vegetables are part of the food pyramid. However, I’m not sure there is still a food pyramid. I think that I read that the food pyramid will kill you. There was an article about it.

It seems like I heard that we can’t digest corn. I can’t remember. Maybe cows can’t eat corn, or they shouldn’t…or maybe we shouldn’t eat cows that eat corn. We should eat grass-fed cows, except for we shouldn’t eat red meat. Red meat will kill you. It gives you heart attacks, except for maybe it doesn’t. There was an article about it.

What about eggs? Can we eat eggs? I know that eggs are good for protein, but what if they came from a chicken that ate corn. I can’t remember if chickens eating corn is as bad as cows. I do know that if eggs come from a chicken that was raised in a cage, those eggs will kill you, I think. Chickens can only make good eggs if they are free to move around. (actually, I can’t remember if that is more about the chicken or the egg.) Multiple articles have been written about it.

Corn, eggs, meat, and sugar all cause inflammation, and inflammation will kill you.  At least that what it said in the article I read.

What you are reading is an article. This is an article written by an individual who is not qualified to write on any of the subjects mentioned in this article, but here I am.

Any idiot can write an article…and any buffoon can refer to it.

Be careful what you believe based on what you have read. I learned that you should not do that. There was an article about it.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,