You can’t convince me otherwise, I have already bought-in.

Crocs and Cobra Kai are two things that I enjoy very much- they are both equally bitchin. My friend, Von, hates both of them. He makes fun of me for my fondness of them. In spite of him, I like them more. Von knows this. I know this. This is what makes it fun. He is not stupid enough to believe that he is investing time or energy in actually changing my mind.

At this point, there is no episode of Cobra Kai that could be too cheezy or design of Croc that could be too ridiculous that would cause my passion for them to diminish. Any outside attempt to persuade me would only make my loyalty stronger.

I don’t know if the persuasion rates as it pertains to rubber shoes and karate shows are any higher for pandemics, elections, or actions taken during national anthems but it seems silly that there are some really smart people out there who are giving it their best shot.