CrossFit is obnoxious.

I think we can all agree on that.

I even annoy myself sometimes with how much I love it. I sometimes stop to roll my own eyes when I catch myself speaking about the sport. I mean, who wants to see a bunch of spirited people enjoying themselves?  I can laugh at the stupid looking pull-ups, bad form, and ridiculous selfies, but what really bothers me is the community, passion, energy, and joy that comes with it. Looking from the outside in, it’s almost impossible not to dislike CrossFit on some level.

Christians are obnoxious. Much like CrossFitters, Christians share many of the same beliefs, encourage one another on their journey, and do things their own way. It’s hard not to gag a little bit if you are not a believer.

The only thing more obnoxious than Steeler fans are Cowboy fans, both of which find Patriot fans to be unbearable. It would be unfair to mention how annoying the NFL fans are without mentioning the ridiculous nature of the people who love SEC football. I don’t think anyone in the SEC would expect anyone from outside of this conference to find them to be anything but vommit-worthy.

When do these people grow up?

You are an adult now. It is time to stop having fun, start believing that life has treated you unfair, spend your free time gossiping about others, and begin to be miserable in your own existence while trying to bring down those who are enjoying theirs.

Obnoxiousness is synonymous with passion. To be involved in something, to appreciate its nature, to immerse yourself in something which brings you joy comes with it a degree of annoyance to anyone outside of that particular passion. I think it is safe to say that if I am not obnoxiously involved with something in my life than I am probably leading a pretty pitiful existence.

To be passionate about something at the risk of being obnoxious is what makes getting out of bed a chore worth completing. I remember when I had no passion, no drive, no spunk, and no desire. There was nothing I wanted to learn and no goals I had to accomplish. Most of what I saw was annoying humans doing obnoxious activities. I couldn’t understand it, so the only thing I knew how to do was throw stones at it. If I don’t enjoy it, then I don’t want anyone else to. That is a part of my childish nature which I have clung to like a security blanket.

When I am unhappy, joyful people are unbearable. As the saying goes, “In the eyes of a hammer, everything’s a nail.” Being miserable makes life a chalkboard in a world without nail clippers.

Be obnoxiously passionate about something. Find what the people on the outside would consider a cult and do what the people who don’t find to be agitating. CrossFit didn’t become the world’s most popular fitness cult of annoying people by accident. Runners don’t tirelessly talk about running because there is nothing gratifying about it. And folks don’t travel ridiculous distances on any given weekend, paint their faces like a four-year-old at a fair, and scream until their eyeballs bug out because there is no fun or sense of belonging to be had.

Knock on the door of obnoxiousness and see whats going on in there. You will probably find that the people are there for a reason. Be careful though, the next doors you open will probably not be the exit door, but the doors of freedom and fulfillment that come with finding your passion.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,