I have been fat my entire life. I have probably lost 1,000lbs in my life but I have gained1,254. I have tried everything there is to try and much of it worked for brief periods, only to go back to what I know, which is fried foods, red meat, cake, ice cream and peanut butter.

There is no mystery as to what my problem is. It is not thyroid or macros or time or stress or sleep or coaching or overtaining or undertraining or whatever bullshit excuse that I might give myself. My problem is that I eat like a dickhead at every opportunity that I get. The question is: what do I do from this point forward? I guess we shall see, at least for the next 30 days anyway.

I love to exercise. I have no problems maintaining the discipline to run for a couple of hours per day or hitting the gym and lifting some weights. I will move for as long as you want me to move. I am not a lazy person and I have very little problems mustering the motivation to put in the physical work necessary to lead a fit lifestyle. That being said, I will literally intake my calorie loss on the car ride home from the gym or trail without hesitation. Overeating has been a constant in my life and the only times that I have been able to stay ahead of it have been when drastic measures have been taken. Ephedra, amphetamines, Saxenda, all juice-diets….craziness.

I continue to throw noodles against the wall and see what sticks (what doesn’t stick, I put in Alfredo sauce and in my belly). So, I figured I would try a thirty-day journaling process. Basically a public place where I can tell on myself and try to be as honest as possible about my progress, or lack thereof.

For thirty days, i am committing to writing something about something which contains my weight, my fitness activity, my state of mind and my nutrition.

Currently, I am 254lbs of round, fluffy, softness. I can handle some extra weight assuming that I am lifting big numbers and moving mass with some endurance but currently I am weak af, round as hell and moving like an old man. I have put in more miles into my Garmin than I ever have over the last month by probably 200% and I managed to gain about 10lbs in spite of it.

Will this work?

Will my ego and feeling of having an obligation to be honest with anyone bored enough to read this bullshit be enough to nudge me in the right direction?

My past history says no, but I have never been one to avoid something simply because it didn’t work before.

So, that’s the skinny (pun intended.)

Day 1: 254lbs. fat, fluffy, round, weak….and motivated.

Let’s make it a good one.

Talk atcha tomorrow.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,