Day 10: 245.3lbs
Exercise: CrossFit
Nutrition: Worst day yet but not horrible.
Attitude: Positive

I could have done better yesterday but I could have done a whole helluva lot worse. I woke up starving. I spotted a loaf of white bread, which we almost never have in the house. I cut up 3 pieces of cheddar cheese and slapped on some mayonnaise. I simply cannot convince myself that there is ever anything wrong with a white bread, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich; my grandparents would be ashamed if I did.

For lunch, I ate some really healthy, poor tasing, soup-ish like stuff with lots of vegetables. It was fine. I survived. Farted all day and into the night. I am allergic to healthy food.

I went to CrossFit yesterday afternoon. Man, it was tough. I am really struggling with strength. I am giving myself 3 months. I need 3 months to gain a decent amount of strength. I could not believe how quickly my arms give out and how little they are capable of lifting. It is shocking, really. However, I am not panicking. It’s cool. It is what it is, and we will work with what we have at the moment. I will get stronger, I promise…I think.

Last night I was too hungry. I picked up Mexican food. I ordered mixed quesadillas and dumped cheese dip on it. No tortillas, beans, sour cream or rice- just meat, veggies, and cheese. That is not going to do me any favors on the scale but, again, making the small changes like skipping tortillas will hopefully make for better decision making in the long haul.

I have a good day planned today. There will likely be no formal exercise but the kids and I will be removing a patio extension on the front of our house and I have a feeling that will be enough heat and exercise for one day.

Let’s make it a good one. If I can teach you anything in this world, let it be that under no circumstances should you ever feel the need to apologize for a cheese and mayonnaise sandwich on white bread in the summertime.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,