Day 11: 245.8lbs
Exercise: Removed part of the front patio. It was as hard as any fitness workout and hot too.
Nutrition: Really, really good.
Attitude: I bit frustrated

Dammit, I knew that the scale was going to give me a pat on the back this morning. I knew that I would have been down a couple of pounds. I worked my ass off yesterday. Tons of sweat, multiple hours of muscled use and calorie burning in the hot southern heat. I just knew I was going to see movement in the scale.

I ate well. I was disciplined. Not perfect but disciplined. Maybe it was the 10 pm rice cakes or the second handful of habanero almonds? Either way, I didn’t get what I wanted and that is never good.

My patience and expectations need just as much work as my nutrition. I can use this experience to practice maximizing one while minimizing the other. I have always expected too much of people, places and things. I want what I want and I want it right now. I tend to blame anything or anyone else but myself when I don’t get the results I am looking for. I heard someone say, “I go to sleep with the wants and wake up with the gimme’s”. I can relate to this affliction.

I will stay the course. Do more, expect less, appreciate everything. Gratitude probably has more nutrients than anything else. It is the kale of spirituality but doesn’t taste near as shitty.

It’s gonna be a good day today.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,