Day 14: 244.7lbs
Exercise: Removed final parts of deck  on the front porch
Nutrition: Horrible. Ate pizza for lunch and nothing else the rest of the day. Ate myself sick.
Attitude: Really upbeat and energized. Excited

I needed yesterday. I worked for about 4.5hours out in the sun and that was all the exercise I felt like I needed. I went to the gas station and ate over 3 huge pieces of pieces and drank Arizona Ice Tea. I ate myself sick but it was the only meal that I had yesterday…which is probably even worse in the long run. The scale showed it today.

I am glad that I did not exercise today. When I am run down, I get sick with a severe case of the fuckits and I don’t want to do right, act right, or eat right. I feel better today.

A friend of mine emailed me in response to the blog and congratulated me on continuing the effort. I told her that this was attempt  #3,768 to get my act together. She said,

“I think you have been getting your act together for a long time. You have just had some fun along the way.”

This meant a lot and I can’t stop thinking about how much truth there is in the statement. Yes, there has been much fun and a great deal of that has come in the form of mistakes but there has also been much progress made and ground put behind me.

Here’s to another good day. I am six-feet above ground with work to do and responsibilities of which I am capable of fulfilling. I can’t ask for much more than that.

Talk tomorrow.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,